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I Know Kung-Fu! “Bulletproof Monk” is Must Lounge TV, Tues at 8 ET|5 PT

Well, the weather outside is frightful, and AXS TV is so delightful…

And since you have no place to go, you might as well turn on a show. We suggest “Bulletproof Monk,” tonight at 8 ET|5 PT. Based on the underground comic book, tonight’s “Must Lounge TV” feature is as funny as it is action packed. Chow Yun-fat is a space and time-traveling Tibetan monk who must mentor a petty NYC thief, played by Seann William Scott, in death-defying martial arts in order to protect a sacred scroll. Plus, Jaime King plays a mysterious babe.

Tune in and take to social to let us know your favorite buddy comedy.
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[youtubeif dKAYuO_BlDM]

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