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Schwarzenegger is the “Last Action Hero” on Wednesday’s AXS Afternoon Movie

Today at 4:10ET|1:10 PT tune in for “Last Action Hero,” the the mid-’90s, silly action-fantasy that takes on the well-worn cliches of action flicks, and stars the king of the box office himself in a starring role: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Young Danny is magically transported into the surreal world of an action film featuring his fictional hero, Jack Slater, played by Schwarzenegger. Together they search for “bad guys” with a cartoon cat detective named Whiskers, but soon figure out that an evil henchman has a deadly plan for his enemies – in the real world.

If you loved the now-classic action films of the ’80s and ’90s, you can’t miss this! Check out the trailer below, and tune in TODAY at 4:10ET|1:10 PT.

[youtubeif hSTVmYyk5ro]

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