Two AXS Afternoon Movies, Double the LOLs: “Spaceballs” and “Weekend at Bernie’s”

It’s the week of the BIG GAME so AXS TV is bringing you BIG SURPRISES all week long! Kicking it off is double the afternoon movies for double the fun!

At 4:30 ET|1:30 PT, John Candy, Bill Pullman, and Rick Moranis try to harness the power of The Schwartz in the Mel Brooks classic spoof, “Spaceballs.” Then, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman party with their boss’s corpse in the hysterically funny (we promise) “Weekend At Bernie’s” at 7:15 ET|4:15 PT.

BIGGER IS BETTER! Tune in today for a BIG afternoon at the movies, only on AXS TV.

[youtubeif 9X4X3XcLyco]

[youtubeif YCTgcZ6ImsQ]


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