The Best Beards in Rock

From The Beatles, to Anthrax, to our #1 pick, who’s got the best beard in rock & roll?

Rock & roll is ALWAYS about expressing your personal style, whether that be through the way one shreds a guitar solo, their own signature haircut, OR in the case of this week’s Docs That Rock headliner, their facial hair. Throughout each decade in rock we’ve seen beards of all shapes and sizes, so we put together this list to count down our all-time favorites! Who’s your number one? Scroll down to find out ours.

#10. Frank Zappa

Although Zappa didn’t exactly sport a full beard, his handlebar mustache and soul patch combination is enough to land him on our list.


#9. The Oak Ridge Boys

Country music and a great beard go hand-in-hand. The Oak Ridge Boys’ William Lee Golden is perhaps the most perfect example.


#8. John Lennon

John Lennon rose to fame with a clean-shaven face, but by the end of the ’60s, he drastically changed his look, growing out his big beard to match his flowing locks.


#7. Kerry King of Slayer

While Kerry King doesn’t have any hair on top of his head, he makes up for it with a badass beard that he keeps braided like a gym rope.


#6. Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead is known for several different icons… the dancing bears, the Steal Your Face skull, and of course, Jerry Garcia’s beard.


#5. Scott Ian

Much like Kerry King, Scott Ian of Anthrax is one of the few people out there who can rock the bald head big beard combination.


#4. Rob Zombie

What goes perfectly with Rob Zombie’s iconic dreads? His perfectly unkept goatee. And of course, a vegan leather fringe jacket with studs and spikes.


#3. Zakk Wylde

Based off of his beard, we think that Zakk Wylde is one part guitar virtuoso, part heavy metal Viking.


#2. George Harrison

While all of The Beatles grew out their beards in the second half of their career, George Harrison really stuck with the look and made it part of his iconic style.


#1. Billy Gibbons

Could #1 REALLY be anyone else besides ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons? He was reportedly offered $1 million to shave it off, however, he kindly refused. BUT with a beard like that, you have to right?



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