Classic Albums: Phil Collins – Face Value

Phil Collins spent almost eight years in the rock band Genesis. He was the band’s drummer for five of those years before taking over as lead singer following Peter Gabriel’s departure. In 1978, Genesis experienced a great deal of success from their ninth studio album, And Then There Were Three, which included their first crossover hit single, “Follow You Follow Me”.

This success subsequently led to Collins’ divorce after spending long periods of time away from home touring their hit, new album. By 1979, Collins’ wife left him. The divorce drove Collins to pen new songs based on his newly found heartfelt feelings over his split with his wife. These songs of angst and turmoil would eventually make up his chart-topping debut solo album, Face Value.

In this episode of Classic Albums, we uncover the story behind the creation of Collin’s masterpiece album. Watch interviews of Phil Collins talking candidly about the lyrics on the album and the choices he made in the recording process. It also includes rare home movies and archival footage of the studio sessions, as well as several previously unseen performances. Classic Albums: Phil Collins – Face Value premieres Wednesday, October 11th at 9/8c on AXS TV.

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