MUSIC NEWS: Paul Simon & Sting On Stage Together in a City Near You

Paul Simon and Sting are teaming up for an unforgettable tour kicking off this Saturday in Houston, TX. “Paul Simon & Sting: On Stage Together” criss-crosses North America, and features both duets and solo sets from the pop-rock titans.

The duo told David Browne of “Rolling Stone” that, although they have been friends for decades, they never played together until a benefit last May. “I wasn’t sure how it would sound,” Simon says. “But after we got offstage, we said to each other, ‘That was actually pretty good.'” “There was this audible gasp in the room,” adds Sting. “We thought, ‘Why don’t we see if we can take it somewhere else?'”

Read more about Simon & Sting’s 21-date tour in the
Feb 13 issue of “Rolling Stone.”


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