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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do”

You know the Grammy®-Award Winning Hit, But Did You Know This…

Sheryl Crow released “All I Wanna Do” on April 4th, 1994. It was her breakthrough hit from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club, and earned her two Grammys® and the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. We all know the words and can’t resist singing along, but here are a few fun facts about the song that YOU might not know.

#1. The lyrics were inspired by a poem called “Fun”

Sheryl Crow picked up the poetry book The Country of Here Below by Wyn Cooper at a used bookstore in Pasadena, California. Crow adapted the poem “Fun” into the lyrics for “All I Wanna Do”. This earned Cooper considerable royalties and helped promote his book. He originally only published 500 copies in 1987, but thanks to Sheryl Crow he was able to publish multiple reprints.

#2. The songs all about the laid back lifestyle of LA, BUT Sheryl’s from a small agricultural town

Sheryl Crow was born in the small town of Kennett, Missouri with a population of just over 9,000 people. After graduating from the University of Missouri, Crow worked as a music teacher at Kellison Elementary School in Fenton, Missouri. Her first gigs were singing jingles. Reportedly, she made $40,000 on her jingle she sang for McDonald’s. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career and was inspired to write “All I Wanna Do.”

#3. Crow considered this song a “throwaway”

Sheryl Crow admits that she was at a bit of a low point while writing this song and she never thought it would go anywhere. According to her, “There was a lot of drinking going on in my life then, a lot of late-night bars. The song was a throwaway – it wasn’t even going to be on the album.” Thankfully, her little brother was the one who convinced her that it was going to be a “big hit”.

#4. This gave her more exposure that opening up for The Eagles

In 1994, Crow began touring with The Eagles on their reunion tour and even played at Woodstock II, but that wasn’t enough to sell out her shows. She was only able to play at very small theaters to support the Tuesday Night Music Club album and not very many people came to the shows. Once this song became a hit, the demand to see her live increased exponentially.

#5. This was Crow’s second attempt at a debut single

Crow’s first debut album was set to be released on September 22, 1992, but she and her label mutually decided that the album wasn’t good enough… or maybe TOO good. Crow herself described it as “too produced” and “slick”. Between this scrapped album and the release of Tuesday Night Music Club, Crow’s songs were recorded by major artists including Celine Dion, Tina Turner, and Wynonna Judd.

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