7 Classic Songs Inspired by Colorado

In honor of Joe Walsh’s “The Rocky Mountain Way at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre” airing on AXS TV Sunday July 7th, we’ve put together 7 songs all about colorful Colorado!

The state of Colorado and all of its gorgeous mountains, lakes, and cities have inspired countless classic songs that grace the radio, Spotify, and AXS TV to this day!
So why did we choose 7 songs? Well first off, because “Rocky Mountain Way” is on the 7th of July. Second, because July is also the 7th month of the year. Third, because according to the Denver Post, Colorado is the 7th fastest growing state in the United States. And fourth, because it wouldn’t be fair to talk about Colorado without referencing the legendary Broncos player, John Elway, who is number 7 on the field but number one in Colorado’s heart.

Here is our list of 7 songs that were inspired by colorful Colorado:

#1 Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh

We have to start this list of with a little bit of Joe Walsh since he will be featured on AXS TV on July 7th. It’s rumored that this Eagles singer came up with the idea for the song when he was mowing his lawn in Colorado and looked up to see the peaks of the Rocky Mountains still snow-capped in the middle of summer. We can’t say we’re surprised, the jaw-dropping Rockies are pretty enough to make anyone want to sing about them! This song also makes for the perfect baseball anthem since it talks about open firing and loaded bases, in fact Rocky Mountain Way actually became the victory song for the Colorado Rockies baseball team after home victories.


#2 Colder Weather- Zac Brown Band

This slow country ballad by Zac Brown Band is all about a trucker who is on the road and is separated from his girl who lives in Colorado due to snowy weather. It was inspired by a girl that band member Wyatt Durrette was dating at the time. The two were apart for long periods of time and she wanted him to slow down his traveling to be with her, but he wasn’t willing to do that and give up his music dreams. The boy from the song that has a “gypsy soul” and was “born for leaving” is actually Wyatt! Wyatt definitely made a wise choice to keep pursuing his dream since Zac Brown Band is now one of America’s top country bands!


#3 Rocky Mountain High- John Denver

Yet another song inspired by the gorgeous Rocky Mountains! The song was inspired by the Rocky Mountains after John Denver (who is NOT actually from Denver) moved to Aspen, Colorado. This song was actually banned from many radio stations for a while when the U.S. Federal Communications Commission was permitted to censor songs that made drug references. It was banned until Denver explained publicly that the “high” he references is actually about the sense of peace and elation he feels when observing the Rocky Mountains, and not about drugs.


Colorado Girl- Townes Van Zandt

The Texas singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt hops on the Colorado train in his song, Colorado Girl. Townes attended the University of Colorado- Boulder (#skobuffs) and fell in love with a girl named Fran Peters, who is the “Colorado girl” he leaves behind in this song. His family pulled Townes out of the University of Colorado due to medical problems but within a few years he came back to Colorado for her, which is exactly what he promises his “Colorado girl” in the song. Townes went on through his life frequently returning to Colorado after moving to Nashville, and he penned “My Proud Mountains”, which is also inspired by Colorado.


#5 A Mile High in Denver- Jimmy Buffett

This song is inspired by the Mile-High City, Denver. The Capitol of Colorado, Denver sits a little north of the center of the state. This city’s views of the mountains along with the harsh but beautiful winter inspired this song by Jimmy Buffet. This song is enough to make anyone want to move to Colorado and make it their own! Nowadays, the phrase “A Mile High” has a different meaning in the state of Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, and we think a lot of Parrot Heads would be happy to visit Colorado today!


#6 Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead- Warren Zevon

This song, which inspired the title of the 1995 film, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, is a little bit more on the dark side but nevertheless it was inspired by the Mile-High City. This song isn’t as sinister as the title sounds, and it is more of a strangely catchy tune. There are many different things to do in Denver and around the suburbs of the city, so you really can “roll around Denver all day”, as the song says, but we recommend doing them while you’re alive!


#7 Get Out of Denver- Bob Seger

Don’t hold your breath while singing along to this one! This fast-paced tune is rumored to actually be about a time Bob Seger played a club in Aspen that was so expensive to get in, barely any people showed up to watch them play. The reason the song is titled “Get Out of Denver” is because they left the club to go hit the slopes! Seger also says he chose to sing about Denver instead of Aspen because Denver sounded better. Seger usually played this song in the beginning of his sets in order to impress the audience right away and get them jazzed up about the concert.

The awe-inspiring Colorado really is a sight to see! Hopefully you’ll get to experience Colorado for yourself someday but until then, you can listen to these 7 songs while imagining the scenes that inspired them. Joe Walsh will be on AXS TV on Sunday, July 7th at 10/9c singing The Rocky Mountain Way and many other hits at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre in Colorado!


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