American Icons | Saturday Stack July 14th

Spend your Saturday rockin’ out with America’s finest!

This Saturday is dedicated to the most iconic American artists! We start the lineup with Dan Rather’s personal interviews. First, Dan Rather sits down with five-time Grammy® Award-winning country music group, The Oak Ridge Boys, who discuss lessons learned after fifty years on the road together and sing a little of “Elvira,” one of the catchiest country songs ever recorded. Then, Rather heads to Nashville for a one-on-one conversation with country music legend Charlie Daniels. Finally, the legendary frontman for ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons, joins Dan for a look back at the band’s more than fourty years together. 

Next, get ready to jam out to our array of concerts from American artists who have dominated the charts! From Alison Krauss & Union Station (Featuring Jerry Douglas) to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Travis Tritt, these live shows will have you singing and dancing all night long.

We end the night with the network premiere of Miles Ahead. This movie tells the true story of the life and music of jazz legend, Miles Davis. After disappearing for a period of five years in the 1970s, Miles and a music reporter set out to recover a stolen sessions tape. Be sure to set your DVR for this awesome all-day lineup starting at 1/12c.

Don’t forget to tweet us your answers to our on-air trivia using the hashtag #AXSTrivia for your chance to win a t-shirt!

Check out the full lineup below!

  • 1/12c               The Big Interview: The Oak Ridge Boys
  • 2/1c                 The Big Interview: Charlie Daniels
  • 3/2c                 The Big Interview: Billy Gibbons
  • 4/3c                 AXS TV Concerts: Alison Krauss & Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas
  • 5/4c                 AXS TV Concerts: Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More For The Fans
  • 7/6c                 AXS TV Concerts: Travis Tritt
  • 8/7c                 AXS TV Concerts: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • 9/8c                 AXS TV Premiere: Miles Ahead

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