AXS TV Concerts: Seether Triple Threat Live PREMIERING Sunday, May 12th on AXS TV

Over the past ten years South African-natives Seether have carved their own niche with their own brand of bluesy, brooding heavy rock. Last fall the band rocked the roof off Mill City Nights in Minneapolis in a LIVE performance on AXS TV. If you missed it or just LOVE Seether, you’ve got another chance to catch the performance during the PREMIERE of AXS TV Concerts: Seether Triple Threat Live May 12th.

Listen to all the Seether hits Sunday, May 12th at 8p ET only on AXS TV and tune in All Day long for more hard rock performances from Avenged Sevenfold, The Best of M3 Rock Festival 2012 and The Best of Rocklahoma 2012. Never miss a concert performance on AXS TV, follow AXS TV Concerts on Twitter now!

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