Test Your Knowledge of the Rock Stars We Have Lost

Remember the Greatest Rock Stars with an All-Day Marathon!

It’s an all-day lineup featuring unforgettable performers whose legacy will live on in music forever! Airs on June 1st at 1/12c on AXS TV!

Check out the full lineup of The Day The Rock Start Died Marathon below!

1/12c Whitney Houston
1:30/12:30c Michael Hutchence
2/1c Jim Morrison
2:30/1:30c Jimi Hendrix
3/2c Amy Winehouse
3:30/2:30c David Bowie
4/3c Elvis Presley
4:30/3:30c Johnny Cash
5/4c Janis Joplin
5:30/4:30c John Denver
6/5c Tom Petty
6:30/5:30c Keith Moon
7/6c Hank Williams
7:30/6:30c Buddy Holly

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