5 Old Dominion Songs for Your Summer Activities

Old Dominion is coming to AXS TV on June 23rd! We’ve curated five of their songs guaranteed to keep your summer HOT!

Since Old Dominion released their first full album Meat and Candy in 2015, Old Dominion has taken both the country and pop genres by storm. Their chart-topping music pairs signature country lyrics, rhythm, and instruments with pop beats to create the perfect range of songs to fit any activity you find yourself doing this Summer. Whether you’re sitting on a beach or cleaning your house, we’ve got your summer activities covered with these five tracks from Old Dominion.

For a Summer Road Trip: “Nowhere Fast”

This song is all about driving in the summer and reminiscing on simpler times, which makes it a perfect combination for a summer road trip! This mellow song is perfect to sing along to without having to belt out your Mariah Carey voice and is guaranteed to get everyone in a nostalgic mood. Be prepared for some interesting stories to be told after you play this song!


For Tailgating: “Beer Can in a Truck Bed”

This catchy song from Old Dominion’s first album is the perfect song to listen to when you’re tailgating outside a baseball stadium with your friends and family. It is catchy and easy to sing along to for those of us who don’t have Grammy®-worthy voices. The music is upbeat and will get everyone excited to watch the game, but it won’t overpower your and discussion about who will buy the peanuts and who will buy the sunflower seeds. The song is even named after the result of tailgating, making it the perfect song to pair with your summer tailgates.


For Cleaning Your House: “Make it Sweet”

We can all agree that cleaning the house is one of the least sweet activities that are necessary for summer fun to happen, but with the right playlist queued up, cleaning can be a little more bearable. Make it Sweet is about making the most out of what you have and making life sweet even if you don’t have a lot to work with. This song will encourage you to enjoy the little things in life and will give you the motivation you need to finish up your chores while still having fun! Bonus points: This song is catchy and easy to sing to, so you can easily sing along while cleaning!


For Slow Dancing with Your Loved One: “One Man Band”

What would country music be without summer romance? This song is about not wanting to experience life without a partner, and the rhythm is so soft and low-key that it would make the perfect song to slow dance to in your backyard with the back porch light on during a warm summer evening. Even if you have two left feet, the slow tempo makes this song easy to sway back and forth to so you can avoid any embarrassing dance moves. Wait until sunset and put this on to enjoy some quality time with your loved one!


For a Pool or Beach Day: “Hotel Key”

Summertime means pool and beach time! This upbeat and fun song about a vacation just sounds like it should be played whether you’re dancing in the waves or tanning on a beach chair. Play this song when you’re sitting at the pool or beach, add some friends and some drinks, and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing summer day!

Can’t get enough of Old Dominion? Tune in to watch Old Dominion bring their spirited take on modern country to their RCA Nashville debut, Meat and Candy, on AXS TV on June 23rd at 9/8c.


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