Real Money | Saturday Stack June 17th

This Saturday is a family affair!

This week, our Saturday is all about the Money with all of the best episodes of Real Money! Spend the day with Eddie Money and his family as they live the rockstar lifestyle all under one roof! Enjoy all of the drama-filled family outings from the red carpet to hilarious horseback rides starting at 1/12c.

Don’t forget to tweet us the answers to our on-air trivia using the hashtag #AXSTrivia for your chance to win a t-shirt!

Check out the full lineup below!

  • 1/12c               Real Money: Meet the Moneys
  • 1:30/12:30c    Real Money: Risky Business
  • 2/1c                 Real Money: In Sickness and in Health
  • 2:30/1:30c      Real MoneyThe Show Must Go On
  • 3/2c                 Real Money: Par for the Course
  • 3:30/2:30c      Real Money: The Sound of Money
  • 4/3c                 Real Money: The Hangover
  • 4:30/3:30c      Real Money: Like Father, Like Son
  • 5/4c                 Real Money: Family Matters
  • 5:30/4:30c      Real Money: Peace Out

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