Celebrate the Summer of Love + a Jerry Garcia Premiere | August 19th at 3/2c

Explore the soundtrack of the ’60’s that spread social change and delivered a message of peace during a time of war

In 1967, an expressive, colorful musical force painted a backdrop of social change, fashion, love, turmoil and war. This documentary is driven by the soundtrack of the time that kept the troops company in Vietnam, powered the Anti-War and Civil Rights movements, and opened the hearts and minds of the baby boomers that had matured into teens. This Saturday, we travel back to the iconic year with a full lineup of music that helped influence it. Join for an all day marathon PLUS the premiere of a special tribute concert to Jerry Garcia featuring Bob Weir, Grace Potter, Peter Frampton, Widespread Panic, and more.

Check out the entire lineup for the rest of the day below:

3/2c Rock Legends: Otis Redding
3:30/2:30c Rock Legends: The Doors
4/3c Rock Legends: Jimi Hendrix
4:30/3:30c Rock Legends: Creedence Clearwater Revival
5/4c Rock Legends: Jefferson Airplane
5:30/4:30c Rock Legends: Janis Joplin
6/5c Rock Legends: The Mamas and The Papas
6:30/5:30c Rock Legends: The Monkees
7/6c The Monkees: Live At The Bomb Factory
7:30/6:30c Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration ft. Warren Haynes
9/8c PREMIERE Dear Jerry: Celebrating the Music of Jerry Garcia

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