Rock & Roll Firsts With Charlie Daniels

RIP Charlie Daniels you will be missed.

To celebrate his life we wanted to remember some of his earliest music memories and experiences.

What was the first album you bought? What was the first concert you attended? Everyone has an answer to these questions, including Charlie Daniels.

First Song You Learned on an Instrument: Can’t remember, something with three chords
First Concert Attended: The Beatles in 1965
First Album You Bought: Fats Domino
First Band You Were In: The Misty Mountain Boys
First Time Hearing Song on the Radio: In 1958, an instrumental titled “Jaguar”

AXS TV’s Rock & Roll Firsts asks your favorite Rock Stars the questions we all have experienced. It’s great to watch their eyes light up as they talk about their first gig, the first record they bought, or the first time they heard themselves on the radio. So take a spin down memory lane and watch Rock & Roll Firsts!

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