Rock Legends | Saturday Stack June 10th

This Saturday is going to be legendary!

This week, our Saturday is jam-packed with an all-day lineup of the best episodes of Rock Legends! Get ready to explore behind-the-scenes footage & insider stories behind the music of some of the best artists known to man. From Johnny Cash to The Pretenders, these artists have influenced the music industry for the better in one way or another, earning themselves the “rock legend” title. Spend your Saturday with these inspiring artists who poured their heart into their work starting at 1/12c.

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Check out the full lineup below!

  • 1/12c                 Rock Legends: The Pretenders
  • 1:30/12:30c      Rock Legends: Santana
  • 2/1c                   Rock Legends: Cream
  • 2:30/1:30c        Rock Legends: Earth, Wind & Fire
  • 3/2c                   Rock Legends: Jefferson Airplane
  • 3:30/2:30c        Rock Legends: Johnny Cash
  • 4/3c                   Rock Legends: Eagles
  • 4:30/3:30c        Rock Legends: Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • 5/4c                   Rock Legends: The Kinks
  • 5:30/4:30c        Rock Legends: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • 6/5c                   Rock Legends: The Allman Brothers Band
  • 6:30/5:30c        Rock Legends: The Yardbirds
  • 7/6c                   Rock Legends: The Byrds
  • 7:30/6:30c        Rock Legends: Neil Diamond
  • 8/7c                   Rock Legends: Prince

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