Santana: Live at the 1982 US Festival | June 10th

Travel back to 1982 to witness one of the most iconic performances from the guitar master!

This Sunday, we’re showing you some never before seen footage of the legendary Carlos Santana and his incredible performance at the 1982 US Festival. The festival was held over Labor Day weekend in 1982 in the blistering 110°F heat of San Bernardino, California. This performance is remarked as one of the signature moments of Santana’s illustrious career. He took the stage on Saturday, September 4th and shredded in front of 250,000 people. In his set list he played the fan-favorite major hits, “Black Magic Women,” “Oye Como Va,” “Hold On,” “She’s Not There,” and more, plus “Incident at Neshabur” with special guest Herbie Hancock. Santana showed once again why his guitar virtuosity, Latin rock flavorings, and signature tone cannot be duplicated. Don’t miss a single song and make sure to set your DVR for the full show this SUNDAY at 10/9c!

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