It’s Official… Sunday Night Rocks is Going COUNTRY!

We’re Trading Guitars for Fiddles This Weekend!

Another Sunday, another night to turn up AXS TV and hang out with all of your favorite musicians! First up, Sammy Hagar goes down to Georgia, we mean… Nashville to meet up with THE country music icon, Charlie Daniels. Then, we join the Moneys in NYC for part two of their raucous family reunion and a stroll down memory lane with Eddie. Finally, we end the night with Travis Tritt as he returns to his hometown for a very special concert. Get a sneak peek from each show below & make sure to set your DVR for the full night of music & more this Sunday at 8/7c!

Redheads & Long Haired Country Boys UNITE for this Sunday’s episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip

This week, we’re taking a little detour from our ROCK & Roll Road Trip to hang out with the COUNTRY music legend, Charlie Daniels! Sammy heads down to the historical Grand Ole Opry before meeting up with Charlie Daniels at his beautiful Nashville, Tennessee ranch and recording studio. They’ll chat about how Charlie manages performing 110 times a year, his passion for music, and his illustrious 60-year-long career. Charlie will even reveal the nine coveted words that Bob Dylan said to him that completely changed his entire life. Then, the two will join forces for an acoustic rendition of Charlie’s hit “Long Haired Country Boy”! Check out a sneak peek of the episode above & set your DVR for the full show Sunday at 8/7c!


The Mahoney Family Reunites in NYC

In this all-new episode of Real Money, Eddie, Uncle Danny, and Dez continue down memory lane in the old neighboorhood. Eddie and Uncle Danny’s stories are endless as they reveal the true story behind Eddie’s time with the NYPD and the strict nuns that were not so thrilled by Eddie’s humor. Finally, the clan ends up at the family reunion where you meet more of Eddie’s famous family members as they enjoy a classic Italian meal blessed by Eddie himself. Laurie hopes the kids will stay away from the wine, but you can’t stop a good time when it comes to this family.


It’s a Great Day to Listen to Some Travis Tritt

After almost three decades of dominating the country music charts with multiple number one singles, two Grammy Awards, and millions of albums sold, Travis Tritt makes another unforgettable stop to his hometown. Ever since his very first single hit the top ten back in 1989, Travis Tritt has been performing in Augusta, Georgia. Filmed on September 28th, 2018 at the Bell Auditorium Theater, this concert captures the country superstar performing all of his biggest hits to a rowdy crowd. Watch the very special PREMIERE this Sunday, June 2nd at 9/8c ONLY on AXS TV!

Check out this Sunday’s full lineup below:

8/7c Rock & Roll Road Trip: Rocker Went Down To Georgia with Charlie Daniels
8:30/7:30c Real Money: I Wanna Go Back
9/8c AXS TV Concerts: Travis Tritt – Homegrown

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