It’s The Sunday Night Rocks You’ve All Been Waiting For

Sammy, Eddie, and Eagles headline the most incredible night in TV!

On Sunday nights we ROCK! This week we’re bringing you the RETURN of Rock & Roll Road Trip and Real Money! Sammy Hagar sits down with the man he’s been chasing for the past three seasons, Willie Nelson! Then, we head to LA to meet up with our favorite family, The Moneys, as Eddie tries out a new workout routine and stops by the set of The Top Ten Revealed. Finally, we end the night with the LEGENDARY Hell Freezes Over concert from Eagles. Get a sneak peek from each show below & make sure to set your DVR for the full night of festivities this Sunday at 8/7c!

Sammy Hagar kicks off season four of Rock & Roll Road Trip with Willie Nelson

The first stop of our 2019 road trip takes us to the legendary “World’s Largest Honky Tonk”, Billy Bob’s Texas! Sammy will FINALLY sit down with an icon he’s been chasing for over three years, Willie Nelson. First, he channels his inner Texan to check out Billy Bob’s signature bull riding competition. But in the words of Sammy himself, “#$%@ that… I wouldn’t get on one of them suckers, I’d rather jump out of an airplane.” Next, he’ll hop aboard Willie Nelson’s “Canni-Bus” to talk about everything from getting arrested, to how he keeps his voice going through 200+ shows a year, to the REAL reason why Sammy Hagar hasn’t been invited back to Farm Aid. Sammy was feeling extra nervous about his performance with Willie, since he NEVER uses a setlist, so Sammy tried to learn the secrets to sharing the stage with him from his long-time harmonica player, Mickey Raphael. Raphael told him as soon as he recognizes a song to run on the stage for the ultimate impromptu performance. What song did they sing? Check out a sneak peek of the episode about & set your DVR for the full show Sunday at 8/7c!


We are getting back on the Money train… er, bike!

Season two opens with Eddie and his son Joe trying to figure out this fancy stationary bike that the doctor instructed Eddie to ride for 30-40 minutes a day. Luckily, Laurie is an experienced cycler so she assists Eddie in his pursuit to lead a healthy lifestyle. Jesse, Eddie’s daughter, who is also a member of his band receives a call from The Top Ten Revealed host Katie Daryl asking Jesse if she and Eddie would want to return as a music expert on the countdown show. Eddie is thrilled when he finds out that Katie asked them back, but Jesse asks Eddie to not say anything embarrassing during the interviews. Surely, Eddie will keep it low key. Or not… Following the Top Ten interviews, the family finds themselves in troubling times as the horrific California fires strike their neighborhood and the family is forced to evacuate from their home and go to a hotel. No matter what the Money family bands together!


The Iconic Concert Makes Its AXS TV Debut

In 1980, Don Henley told the world that Eagles would play together again “when Hell freezes over.” Thirteen years later, Henley and Glenn Frey sat down at lunch with their management and decided it was time to reunite. Then in April of 1994 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California the band got back together to perform live for the first time in over a decade. Frey opened up the show by saying, “For the record, we never broke up; we just took a 14-year vacation”. Eagles performed all of their biggest hits including “Take It Easy”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Desperado”, and a brand new arrangement of the legendary “Hotel California” with an extended acoustic guitar and percussion opening. The full concert is making its AXS TV debut Sunday, May 5th at 9/8c!


Check out this Sunday’s full lineup below:

8/7c Rock & Roll Road Trip: On The Rock & Roll Road Trip Again with Willie Nelson
8:30/7:30c Real Money: Trivia and Tragedy
9/8c AXS TV Concerts: Eagles: Hell Freezes Over

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