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  • Dan Rather Presents Unwanted in America: The Shameful Side of International Adaption

    Children adopted to the United States from overseas are being abandoned or re-homed to another family over the Internet.

  • Dan Rather Presents Underground Sounds

    Are the music superstars of tomorrow playing right now on the platforms of New York City’s subways?

  • Dan Rather Presents Crisis Inside The Secret Service

    After security lapses at the White House, an examination of what’s gone wrong inside the agency in charge of protecting the President.

  • Dan Rather Presents Range War

    For centuries millions of buffalo roamed freely, then they were slaughtered to near extinction. Now, an alliance of conservationists and Native Americans have an ambitious dream to bring back the great herds.

  • Dan Rather Presents One Way Ticket To Nowhere: America's Mental Healthcare Crisis

    An investigation into what happened at a psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas that is accused of discharging hundreds of mental patients early and buying them a one-way bus ticket out of town in what's called "Greyhound Therapy".

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