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  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Bahamas Or Bust

    It’s make or break time for Lucy Angel as the mother-daughter trio head to the Bahamas for the performance of their career: A showcase concert in front of a “hard to please” audience of major radio programmers and music industry professionals.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Dress For Success

    As Lucy Angel puts the finishing touches on its act in preparation for the upcoming radio showcase in the Bahamas, G-Man decides to hire a fashion stylist to help perfect the girls’ on-stage look.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: The Dating Game

    Emily has been “married” to Lucy Angel for quite some time, so the family decides it’s time she get out there and date. Emily does not see a problem with being “boyfriend-less” but she reluctantly agrees to let the boys line up a blind date for her.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Being Lucy Angel

    This week is all business for Lucy Angel, as the mother-daughter trio prepare for their first radio showcase performance in Nashville.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Here Comes The Bride

    This week the Andertons are attending a true Tennessee country wedding complete with barefoot bride and shrimp boil. The bride-to-be is Alisha (Lindsay and Smitty’s nanny).

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: No Country For Salsa Lovers

    It’s not always easy being the odd man out in a close-knit family and Fletcher Anderton is no stranger to that feeling. He rarely sees eye to eye with the other Andertons and to make matters worse, he really ain’t that crazy about country!

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Where's My Moonshine?

    Just when we thought their single “Crazy Too” was finally ready, we discover that the various members still cannot agree on the song’s intro. As a result, they are turning to acclaimed music producer Bobby Terry to shape an intro they can all agree on.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Lucy Angel In Concert

    Lucy Angel are playing a gig in their hometown of Franklin this week but things are off to a rocky start for the family when no one can agree on either a set list or the guest list!

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Happy G-Manniversary

    The girls head in to Nashville to work with Country Music Star Colt Ford who has agreed to lay down a rap on one of Lucy Angel’s tracks from their upcoming album.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: The Great Outdoors

    When you run a family business, there are often too many cooks in the kitchen and Lucy Angel is no stranger to this problem, as everyone in the Anderton family has a different opinion about how the band’s first big single should sound.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Single Trouble

    When not dealing with some challenge involving Lucy Angel’s struggle to establish itself as a popular country music act, the family have been rallying around youngest son Jake’s latest heart operation (something Jake has had to deal with since birth).

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Let's Be Social

    The road to success has been littered with obstacles for country music band Lucy Angel and as the launch of their first nationwide single approaches, things only get more complicated for the Nashville based mother-daughter trio.

  • Discovering Lucy Angel: Off To The Races

    In this first episode, we meet Lucy Angel and family in their Nashville home as they rehearse and prepare for the biggest gig of their lives: A live performance in front of 100,000 NASCAR™ fans at the Pocono Raceway.

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