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  • Drinking Made Easy: Angel City

    Zane and Steve rediscover the drinking history of LA. Their first stop is the San Antonio Winery, the lone survivor of the original 100 LA wineries. They stop by Angel City Brewing to share a drink with a 3rd generation brewer and Steve gets tricked at Edison's. They find a prohibition bar famous for its age and finish the night off at a speakeasy.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Montauk

    Zane and Steve split to Montauk, a town famous for its fishing, beaches and wineries. Here they sample local drinks, get their hands dirty at the city's first brewery and visit the famous Cyril of Cyril's Fish House. They stumble into the hottest pool party at The Montauk Beach House and learn how to make Sangria for bottle service.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Providence

    The guys celebrate the city's colonial heritage by making a modern Shrub at Cook & Brown and have a special top-secret shot at the Wild Colonial Tavern. Steve wants to wrestle Mark Cuban and at The Dorrance they break into teams to see who can make the best cocktail.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Burlington

    In a city known for ice cream, lake side activities and a laid back atmosphere, Steve and Zane do everything local in Burlington, Vermont. They learn how to make bitters, do some beer machine clean up, and make some "fancy" shots at the local dive bar.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Montreal

    The crew ends their Canadian adventure in Montreal where they test their beer knowledge at Benelux Brewery by pairing beer styles with the appropriate glassware. The also learn how Le LAB turns regular cocktails into sorbets and play with fire at L'Assommoir.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Quebec City

    Cross the Canadian border and explore Quebec City to assist in beer filtration at Quebec's oldest brewpub, L'inox Maitres Brasseurs. The pair continue goofing around by turning an apple picking contest into an apple fight.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Anchorage

    Zane and Steve head to the largest city in Alaska and put in some work at Celestial Meadery, play beer can baseball at Midnight Sun Brewing and navigate their way through the famous maze of bars at Chilkoot Charlie's.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Juneau

    Zane and Steve sip on some salmon flavored bloody mary's at the Island Pub, test Steve's flexibility at the Alaskan Bar, and put in some good old fashioned dirty work at Alaskan Brewing Company.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Indianapolis

    Zane and Steve race into Indianapolis and head out to the local distillery where they discover a unique way to make spirits. They visit St Elmo Steak House and find out why they love shrimp, then head to the Ball & Biscuit to meet Zach, the giant.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Louisville

    Zane and Steve visit the city famous for its bourbon, horses and Southern charm; Louisville. They collect stamps for the Urban Bourbon Trail Passport Book and have a blended Mint Julep at Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar and at BLU bar a Chocolate Mint Julep.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Baton Rouge

    In Baton Rouge, Zane and Steve set to make the first ever 4 can shotgun challenge at Tin Roof Brewing. They celebrate local culture by hitting up the Cajun bar Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's, and then run off to Sammy's to dance the Fae Do Do. At "Tigerland" they mix up some local beer cocktails, and then investigate the mysterious rumors at Fred's.

  • Drinking Made Easy: San Antonio

    In this San Antonio episode of Drinking Made Easy, Steve really jumps into character by dressing as a cowboy. The guys visit Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling to look into the close relationship between beer and whiskey. They hang out at the historic Menger Hotel to find out about the Rough Rider days and drinks, and ride the river to a couple of cocktail bars known for their local specials. The guys celebrate the city by challenging each other to a bull ride.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Houston

    Zane and Steve visit the largest city in Texas, Houston. They taste Malta for the first time at Leon's Lounge, face an icy drinking contest at Under the Volcano, and pay tribute to the patron saint of beer at St. Arnold's Brewery. They spend the afternoon with some beautiful ladies spinning a wheel of danger at Shot Bar, join hundreds of others to break a Texas record at Petrol Station, and challenge each other to taking down some slippery pigs at a nearby farm.

  • Ultra Premium Imperial Reserve Platinum Especial

    Zane and Steve visit Aspen, Hollywood, and San Diego to challenge their mixology prowess and debunk some popular drinking myths. They make some new friends and see how many drinks it takes for Chad-the-sound-guy to become his inebriated alter-ego!

  • Drinking Made Easy: Missoula

    Zane and Steve explore “Big Sky Country”, settle in to play indoor basketball and drink a tapeworm. They drive up to Rock Creek Lodge, home of the Testicle Festival, and drink animal related concoctions before slicing into some testicles of their own.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Aspen

    Zane and Steve set out to revel in the snowy town of Aspen. They sample warm drinks at Ajax Tavern and drink a secret prohibition era milkshake at JBar. They discover Zane tavern and find an ice sculptor that embraces the DME mantra.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Santa Barabara

    A three hour drive from the office finds Zane and Steve in the "American Riviera". The guys look up a rocket scientist at the Santa Barbara Brewhouse, who is known for brewing some of the hottest beer in existence.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Vancouver

    Zane and Steve sample and compare Canadian whiskeys at Shebeen Whiskey House, and taste and pair British Columbia wines. They have Cuban rum at The Diamond and challenge each other to the famous Grouse Grind, a sprint of 2,830 stairs.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Spokane

    Zane and Steve relax with the guys from Dry Fly Distillery. They find a movie theatre serving up a “Monkey Gland” cocktail, attempt to pour shots from 14 feet away at Steelhead Bar, and break some rules at the paintball course.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Seattle

    The guys start at the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. After playing toss with some fish, they head over to Pike Brewing Co to interview the famous beer ‘godfather’. Then they head to Zig Zag Cafe, where they make a drink about a dog, with a dog.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Charleston, SC

    The guys make a grand breakfast drink, complete with whole pig leg and sip on pitchers of drinks dockside at Red’s Ice House. At the historic Pavillion Hotel they find the city’s coldest drinks and decide if they are up for the sport of underwater hockey.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Charlotte

    Zane and Steve visit the largest city in North Carolina. They blend their love for dessert and liquor at Crave, finding a way to eat and smoke their drinks; and get Pleepleus involved in a fight at Dixie’s Tavern.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Asheville, NC

    Zane and Steve take their adventurous thirst to the newly announced “Beer City USA”. Instead of investigating different bars in the city, they challenge each other to a brewery pub crawl, with a test to follow.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Nashville

    Zane and Steve take blind taste test at Whiskey Kitchen where they sample Tennessee’s best. They learn about locally made spirits and make unique cocktails at The Patterson House and City House.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Portland, ME

    Zane and Steve learn about a rarely produced lambic style beer at Allagash Brewery. They consume the most dangerous drink known to man at Sonny’s and then follow it up with a jump off a bridge.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Memphis

    Zane and Steve take a stroll down famous Beale Street with a stop at the Blues City Cafe for a 100 ounce cocktail. They sit down with Three 6 Mafia to discuss the notorious drink “purple sizzurp,” and Zane is named Official Duckmaster at the Peabody Hotel.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Cape Cod

    Zane and Steve visit the family owned Truro Vineyard and learn about their famous lighthouse shaped wine bottles. They get Goombay “Smashed”; just enough to hold a sand dune jumping contest, and then end it all with the first ever Beer Olympics.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Newport, RI

    Drinking Made Easy visits the historic summer resort town of Newport, Rhode Island. Zane and Steve take a prohibition era boat ride and learn about the town’s history of rum running and visit The White Horse Tavern to sample lobster as a beverage.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Baltimore

    Drinking Made Easy visits the “Monument City”, Baltimore, Maryland. They head out to the farm to learn about making hard apple cider, discover why Flying Dog Brewery was forced to remove bottles from it’s shelves and taste Baltimore’s famous Berger cookie.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Washington, D.C.

    Zane and Steve take the historic route and stop by the Round Robin Bar at the Willard Hotel, famous for being the haunt of every President since Lincoln and learn about DC’s official drink, the Rickey.

  • Drinking Made Easy: St. Augustine

    In this episode, we venture to our Country’s oldest city. We visit an 18th century tavern, board a pirate ship, and do some native hunting. Then, we try to clean it all up with a drink from the Fountain of Youth. It’s Drinking Made Easy, St. Augustine.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Savannah

    Visi the ‘Hostess City’, Savannah, Georgia. They mix up a “small” batch of Chatham Artillery Punch, take part in the tradition of eating pink eggs, remove their pants at the Rail Pub and ride on a bicycle bar to another bar with 150 specialty martinis.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Miami

    Zane and Steve start the morning with fresh fruit for a 500-person brunch. They whip up some "adult" milkshakes. And they take a boat to Virginia key to shotgun beer with a squatter.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Tampa Bay

    In this episode of Drinking Made Easy, Zane and Steve roll through Tampa Bay. They visit Cigar City to brew their own private beer, view the world's largest restaurant wine collection, and attempt to get Steve a job at the original Hooters.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Monterey

    Zane explores a flaming Absinthe drink. He and Steve tee off on the last six holes of Pebble Beach for their 6-Pack Challenge. And, they hang out with a wine-maker, who's a self-proclaimed "Wild Man!"

  • Drinking Made Easy: Key West

    Zane and Steve follow in one of history's most prolific drinkers, Ernest Hemingway. They hang out with butt-kicker, Pat Croce, at his iconic Key West bars. And they find out that drinking on Duval Street isn't really legal...

  • Drinking Made Easy: Kauai

    Zane and Steve drink Blue Hawaiians on a helicopter. They board a train at the Kilohana Plantation in search of fresh cocktail ingredients. And, they learn about what beverages are considered aphrodisiacs!

  • Drinking Made Easy: Maui

    Zane and Steve start the season with a bike race down Mt. Haleakala for their 6-Pack Challenge. They toast to the mysterious Polynesian Kava drink and, after trying several of Maui's best Mai Tai's, Steve does a fire dance!

  • Drinking Made Easy Comedy Tour

    Zane Lamprey takes the stage with his monkey, Pleepleus, Steve McKenna and comedian Marc Ryan.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Los Angeles

    In the final episode of season one, Zane returns home to Los Angeles. He drinks out of fruit at Paradise Cove, takes a flight at Blue Palms Brew House and stops by Musso & Franks, a Hollywood institution.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Las Vegas

    Zane Lamprey visits Sin City. He drinks a bacon martini, eats deep-fried Oreos at Aces & Ales, and hits the tables in Planet Hollywood.

  • Drinking Made Easy: San Diego

    Zane Lamprey visits San Diego. He drinks at Noble Experiment, a hidden speakeasy, drinks schooners or beer at the Shore Club, and hangs out with an Arrogant Bastard.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Napa

    Zane Lamprey heads to wine country. He makes fresh Limoncello, visits Rubicon Estates to meet with a Master Sommelier, and has a grape leaf eating contest with Steve.

  • Drinking Made Easy: San Francisco

    Zane Lamprey visits the City by the Bay. He meets with Fritz Maytag, who lead the craft beer revolution, drinks Fernet Branca upside down, and drinks on a mobile island.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Portland

    Zane Lamprey visit’s Rose-City. He drinks at a converted elementary school, has an avocado margarita, and drinks in the city’s oldest restaurant.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Boise

    Zane Lamprey visits B-Town. He has a 10-minute martini, visits a micro-distillery, and challenges Steve to a French fry eating contest in the back of a car.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Salt Lake City

    Zane Lamprey visits the SLC. He visits Utah’s oldest bar, dispels the myths about drinking in Utah, and learns the difference between vodka and whiskey.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Kansas City

    Zane Lamprey visits the Paris of the Plains. He tries edible cocktails, meets the creator of the Bergin Malt and squares off in a Kansas City BBQ eating challenge.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Denver

    Zane Lamprey visits the Mile High City. He visits the home of Fat Tire, hits his limit at Rio Grande, and watches his buddy Steve compete in a bull ball eating contest.

  • Drinking Made Easy: St. Louis

    Zane Lamprey visits the Gateway to the West. He takes the vodka-challenge, indulges his sweet tooth with a hot chocolate martini and tries a signature beer cocktail.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Chicago

    Zane Lamprey visits the Windy City. He drinks Goose Island beer at a Cubs game, drinks Malort at one of Al Capone’s favorite hangouts, and tries a Prohibition era cocktail in a former speakeasy.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Milwaukee

    Zane Lamprey visits Brew City. He takes the beer challenge, visits a refuge for spies and sets the record for the most scorpions consumed in a night.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Boston

    Zane Lamprey visits Bean Town. He tries beer that’s brewed with fruit, drinks mead, and has a beer where everybody knows your name.

  • Drinking Made Easy: New York City

    Zane visits New York City and stops in at The Ear Inn, arguably the oldest bar in the city, he enjoys a beer brewed in 1986 by a now defunct brewery in England, at DBGB and hits a stock market themed bar, where drink prices fluctuate with demand.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Philadelphia

    Zane visits Philadelphia and checks out the Yards Brewery, which makes beer based on recipes from Presidential recipes, stops in at McGillin’s Olde Ale House, the oldest bar in town and discovers the temple shot at The Blockley Pourhouse.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Virginia

    Zane visits Virginia, where he and the owner of Waterman’s Bar, duel in a grapefruit squeezing competition, he learns that mimosa’s can be made with beer instead of champagne and gets a history lesson on the mint julep at Julep’s. It’s Drinking Made Easy, Virginia.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Atlanta

    Zane visits Atlanta, Georgia, where he samples a personalized beer tap at Stats Sports Bar, learns about 420 at Sweetwater Brewery and meets a fourth generation moonshiner in the backwoods. It’s Drinking Made Easy, Atlanta.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Miami Beach

    Zane hits Miami Beach, Florida, where it’s time for some fun in the sun. He makes 40 mojito’s in a minute at Lario’s on the Beach, taps a cask of ale at premier beer bar Red Light Red Light and tries to cool off with liquid nitrogen at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. It’s Drinking Made Easy, Miami Beach.

  • Drinking Made Easy: New Orleans

    Zane drinks his way through the Big Easy. He suffers a brain freeze at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar Shop, the oldest bar in the U.S., he tries a hand grenade, supposedly the strongest drink in NOLA and faces down a Hurricane at the world famous Pat O’brien’s. It’s Drinking Made Easy, New Orleans.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Dallas

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, which Zane finds out when he visits Dallas, Texas. He makes the spiciest margarita this side of the Rio Grande, tries some of Mama’s mixes in a Double Wide and gets his kicks at Dallas Cowboy Stadium, the biggest domed stadium in the world. It’s Drinking Made Easy, Dallas.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Austin

    Zane rolls into Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world. He’ll learn how to infuse vodka with fruit at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, try the hottest Bloody Mary in town at Rio Rita Cafe, and spike a watermelon with tender loving care at La Condessa.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Santa Fe

    Zane visits Santa Fe, New Mexico and mixes a $48 dollar margarita at Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen, drinks a beer that can kill chickens at Santa Fe Brewing Company and eat some of the hottest chile pepper sauce in the state.

  • Drinking Made Easy: Phoenix

    The series premiere takes Zane Lamprey to Phoenix Arizona, where he cools off with a monster prickly pear margarita at Aunt Chilada’s, a flight of beer at Four Peaks Brewery and invents the ranch dressing beer-bomb at Chuey’s Mini Bar.

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