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  • Sci-Fi Movies

    We’re ranking your favorite SCI-FI MOVIES of the 70s. From robots to aliens, these futuristic films gave audiences of the 70s the chills. Find out which made our list as Jaleel White, Morgan Fairchild and Dee Wallace give us their opinions!

  • Stand-Up Comedians

    We’re ranking your favorite stand-up comedians of the 70s. From subtle to raunchy, these jokesters will have you rolling in laughter with George Wallace, Fred Willard and Michael Winslow giving their opinions!

  • Teen Flicks

    We’re ranking your favorite TEEN FLICKS of the 70s. From slapstick to romance, these movies had the teens of the 70s flocking to theaters with Barry Williams, Sebastian Bach and Anson Williams giving their opinions!

  • Action TV Shows

    We’re ranking your favorite ACTION TV SHOWS of the 70s. From car jumps to explosions, we’ll have your heart pumping as we look back at these fast-paced shows of the 70s with Morgan Fairchild, Catherine Bach and Fred Willard giving their opinions!

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