Jamie Kennedy is on Stage & Jason Ellis is in the Hot Seat TONIGHT on AXS TV's Seriously. Funny. Thursday.
[youtubeif q-YPEuGXhpA] "TOM GREEN LIVE" at 9 ET|7 PT TONIGHT, meet X-treme Renaissance man Jason Ellis - the Aussie MMA fighter and Sirius XM Radio host is taking a night off from racing trucks, skateboarding, and singing in his band for a Seriously. Funny. Talk. with Tom. Judging from the name of his inspirational biography, "I'm Awesome," this is an episode not to be missed! Get awesome life advice LIVE: tweet @tomgreenaxstv and Skype “tom.green.live” NOW for a chance to chat ON-AIR
  [youtubeif sgSpwy3dPsM] "GOTHAM COMEDY LIVE" at 10 ET|7 PT Get ready to Scream with laughter when TV and movie star Jamie Kennedy hosts an hour of stand-up from New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club. Don’t miss Malibu’s (and the comedy stage’s) Most Wanted, along with Dave Landau, Kareem Green, Gina Brillon, and Ryan Reiss LIVE and UNCENSORED - the way comedy is meant to be seen. And check out highlights from last week’s show on our YouTube page.
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