Dan Rather Remembers the JFK Assassination 50 Years Later, Tonight @ 5, 8 & 12:30a ET
50 years ago today President John F. Kennedy was slain in Dallas, and over the course of "Four Dark Days" America was transformed. Standing just 100 yards from where Lee Harvey Oswald fired, Dan Rather was first to break the news of the tragedy. In "My Days In Dallas - A Remembrance with Dan Rather," he takes us back to Dealey Plaza to present his first-hand account of the events of that day, and discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination. Join Dan Rather on his journey to the past in encore presentations of "My Days In Dallas" tonight at 5 ET|2 PT, 8 ET|5 PT and 12:30a ET|9:30p PT, and share your memories with us at Facebook and Twitter. [youtubeif AapJ9pV7xpw]


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