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Dan Rather Reports: Jobless in America

Over the last year, Dan Rather Reports has been telling the stories of workers in the high-tech world – stories from the trenches, stories of workers both homegrown and from halfway across the world. Theirs are the tales of a brave new world of work, a realm where corporations, staffing companies and recruiters are constantly on the prowl — scouring the planet for talent that is better, brighter, younger…and cheaper.

These workers say that the concept of job security has given way to brutal contest of survival — teeming with ever-new breeds of temporary workers from overseas who need to hang on to their jobs in order to stay in the country. Getting displaced, undercut and swapped out, they say, has simply become the reality of today’s global job market. Business is business, labor is expendable. And it’s all perfectly legal.

One of the most prevalent examples of this is the use, or misuse, of the H-1 Visa program. The H-1B visa is one of several guest worker visa programs that enables U.S. companies to hire high-skilled workers from overseas on a temporary basis –presumably to offset a shortage of qualified Americans.

But, with the unemployment rate over 9 percent, why are lawmakers, lobbyists, and pundits across the political spectrum clamoring to increase the flow of high-skilled guest workers from overseas?

Business advocates say U.S. companies need the world’s “best and the brightest” talent in order to out-innovate global competitors and to create new jobs.

But, with over 20,000 tech workers without work, how can it be argued that the “best and brightest” don’t already exist right here at home?

Every year, the federal government issues 85,000 new H-1B visas to non-profits, schools, universities and corporations. Critics say that loopholes in these visa programs are decimating America’s high-tech workforce.

Welcome to job creation in America.

The following stories detail Dan Rather Reports’ commitment to cover the story of the American worker as they fight to stay viable in an ever shifting economy.


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