Dan Rather Reports

  • The Best Of Dan Rather Reports 2013

    Episode Number: 824

    Synopsis: From Afghanistan to the International Space Station, a look back at our favorite stories from 2013.

  • American Soles

    Episode Number: 823

    Synopsis: The US shoe industry has moved almost all manufacturing and jobs to Asia but one major American company is bucking the trend. Also, are apprenticeships the key to an American manufacturing rebirth?

  • Bones

    Episode Number: 822

    Synopsis: In a seemingly endless forensic search, investigators using new technology continue to unearth victims from the civil war in Bosnia, a war that ended nearly two decades ago. Also, an American astronaut whose videos from space became an internet sensation.

  • The Working Poor

    Episode Number: 821

    Synopsis: An examination of the fallout from the landmark Supreme Court decision involving Wal-Mart and one of its workers who sued for discrimination. Also, Emmy Award winning photography from our story on the greatest marathoners in world.

  • If It Ain't Broke

    Episode Number: 820

    Synopsis: The nation's infrastructure, particularly our bridges, are in serious need of repair. Not enough money coming from Washington has left local authorities overwhelmed. Also, covering America in asphalt, and what that means to the environment.

  • Gone To Pot

    Episode Number: 819

    Synopsis: Marijuana farms across California are so prolific that they have become an environmental threat to native wildlife. Also, an interview on the state of journalism and technology with literary giant Gay Talese.

  • Only In America

    Episode Number: 818

    Synopsis: A special Fourth of July edition, including the long-awaited re-opening of the Statue of Liberty, a celebration of a special American flag that once flew near Ground Zero and the hot debate over the best BBQ in the land.

  • Great Barrier Grief

    Episode Number: 817

    Synopsis: As the demand and need for natural gas increases a US government agency is providing billions of dollars to petroleum companies, but many fear this will harm the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

  • For Profit Colleges

    Episode Number: 816

    Synopsis: Funded by the taxpayer dollars, the number of for-profit colleges rose dramatically during the recession in an effort to help Americans earn a degree, but was the degree worth the price?

  • The San Miguel Gate

    Episode Number: 815

    Synopsis: No place on the US-Mexico border better exemplifies the problem with illegal immigration than an open gate in the Arizona desert. Also, the Obama administration and the DACA cards. Leniency for children of illegal immigrants.

  • Operation Streamlline

    Episode Number: 814

    Synopsis: On the eve of debate in Congress over allowing illegal immigrants a "pathway to citizenship", an investigation into a government program that is designed to criminalize and expedite the deportation of those caught here illegally.

  • Kim vs Kabul

    Episode Number: 813

    Synopsis: The remarkable story of an American lawyer named Kim Motley, who has decided to live in Kabul while fighting for the country's largest underclass, its women. Also, the billion dollar conundrum: how to bring America's fighting machines home from war.

  • Suni In Space

    Episode Number: 812

    Synopsis: Space travel suddenly seems cool again after astronaut Suni Williams posted a video of life aboard the International Space Station that went viral. Williams sits down with Dan Rather to talk about what it's like to sleep, eat and work in weightlessness for months at a time.

  • The Poor Women of Texas

    Episode Number: 811

    Synopsis: The abortion battle moves to the states. In Texas, new state restrictions on abortions have had consequences for the health care of thousands of low income women, as many clinics that provided services beyond pregnancy termination have been forced to close. Also, a radical approach to ending Columbia's civil war.

  • Buzzkill

    Episode Number: 810

    Synopsis: Is California's largest cash export crop threatened? Honeybees are being trucked in to pollinate thousands of almond trees but the bees are dying. And the almond crop is just the beginning. Bees are supposed to be pollinating fruit crops all over the country, but this year, some experts are saying, there may not be enough bees left. Plus, finding Bin Laden: one of America's greatest intelligence coups has a downside. A special investigation from the slums of Karachi.

  • Just Hang Up The Phone

    Episode Number: 809

    Synopsis: A telephone scam is targeting American seniors and bilking them out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our investigation leads to Jamaica where con artists have built a thriving organized crime network setup to prey on unsuspecting Americans.

  • PhDon't!

    Episode Number: 808

    Synopsis: If you believe getting an advanced degree in science or math is a meal ticket for a career of the future, know there's a glut of highly qualified PhD's who will never get the jobs they spent over a decade training to do. Plus, the president of one of America's most prestigious universities tells Dan why, in many fields, we are overproducing PhDs and putting America's scientific edge at risk.

  • The German Jobs Machine

    Episode Number: 807

    Synopsis: In his State of the Union address, President Obama lauded the German education system for preparing kids for good jobs out of high school. The German model, and German companies, are quickly transplanting the idea to the U.S.

  • Teaching To The Test

    Episode Number: 806

    Synopsis: Saying it's a waste of time, teachers in Seattle refuse to give standardized test to high schoolers because the tests don't effectively assess students and educators don't want their evaluations tied to a faulty test. The move receives widespread support across the nation.

  • The Cutting Edge

    Episode Number: 805

    Synopsis: Synthetic biology is at the forefront of modern science, as researchers reinvent cells by manipulating DNA to solve some of the most important problems facing the world.

  • Grounded

    Episode Number: 804

    Synopsis: The latest on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It's an aircraft we have investigated after engineers told us of design problems. Now the plane has been grounded due to mechanical issues.

  • Sex Workers

    Episode Number: 803

    Synopsis: An investigation into how two European countries, Holland and Sweden, are using groundbreaking and controversial strategies to deal with the worlds oldest profession.

  • Iron Dome

    Episode Number: 802

    Synopsis: A look at the highly successful Israeli missile defense system known as Iron Dome. Also a look at a country that banned assault weapons after a mass killing.

  • Firearm Fantasies

    Episode Number: 801

    Synopsis: Las Vegas has seen a boom in new gun ranges where you can rent any firearm imaginable. And an American who helps desperately poor Kenyan teens reach America's Ivy League schools.

  • Best Of Dan Rather Reports 2012

    Episode Number: 739

    Synopsis: A look back at some of our more memorable stories this year from around the world.

  • In The Dark

    Episode Number: 738

    Synopsis: After Hurricane Sandy, utility customers in several states are furious that they continue to be without power, weeks after the storm. We investigate why it's taking so long. Also, a look at the rising rates of AIDS in the southern U.S.

  • Pulling Rank

    Episode Number: 737

    Synopsis: Dan sits down for a conversation with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, on the future of the US military and the concerns of veterans . Also, a Veterans Day salute to a sailor who was on board the USS Arizona.

  • Election Night - Live With Dan Rather

    Episode Number: 736

    Synopsis: Join us for the most intelligent and thought provoking election night coverage-Live from Washington D.C. With GOP strategist Mike Murphy and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

  • Election Night - Live With Dan Rather

    Episode Number: 736

    Synopsis: Join us for the most intelligent and thought provoking election night coverage-Live from Washington D.C. With GOP strategist Mike Murphy and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

  • How Sweet It Was

    Episode Number: 735

    Synopsis: Milton Hershey built a chocolate empire in the middle of Pennsylvania. It was also a workers utopia. But modern corporate America has changed everything in Chocolate Town.

  • Gaddafi's Last Day

    Episode Number: 734

    Synopsis: On the one-year anniversary of his death, an investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Libya's longtime ruler.

  • Real Fast Rail

    Episode Number: 733

    Synopsis: The promise of high speed trains across the United States is falling off the tracks. But in many countries super-fast trains are full speed ahead. Join us for a real fast ride.

  • As Ohio Goes...

    Episode Number: 732

    Synopsis: By most estimates, the 2012 Presidential election boils down to Ohio's 18 electoral votes. An investigation into new voting hours in Ohio that some Democrats claim will suppress the turnout. Also, Republican political consultant Mike Murphy and America's contentious history of voting.

  • El Presidente

    Episode Number: 731

    Synopsis: Colombia, the recipient of billions of U.S. tax dollars in counter narcotic aid is now daring to tell the United States that the drug war is not working. And the country's president tells Dan Rather in an exclusive interview it's time to put every option on the table including the decriminalization of narcotics. Also, we travel to the jungles of S. America where miners are digging for gold.

  • College on the Cheap

    Episode Number: 730

    Synopsis: Building a better college, at a fraction of the price. Two California entrepreneurs say they have the answer to an affordable higher education. Also, a rapidly growing population of pythons in Florida.

  • Music 2.0

    Episode Number: 729

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Reports travels to Austin, Texas, for an in-depth conversation with music legend Willie Nelson, along with other rising stars, about the current state of the music industry.

  • A Fighting Chance

    Episode Number: 728

    Synopsis: A young, former U.S. Army Infantryman, wounded in Afghanistan, rehabilitates himself for a chance to play college football. Plus, an update on where he will play. Also, a follow up report to our investigation into counterfeit drugs.

  • Adopted or Abducted

    Episode Number: 727

    Synopsis: An update to our original program with new information into claims by women that they were forced to put their babies up for adoption, many with the knowledge and support of Catholic Charities.

  • A Crack in the Ice

    Episode Number: 726

    Synopsis: For centuries, explorers dreamed of a Northwest Passage. As the Arctic melts, that dream is becoming a reality. But is the world ready?

  • In The Running

    Episode Number: 725

    Synopsis: From a small town in Kenya come most of the world's greatest marathon runners. These men and women could win almost any road race in the world - finishing marathons in half the time of the average American - but here they are just another face in the crowd. On the eve of the Olympics, we travel to Kenya to see why they can run so fast, so far.

  • It's A Southern Thing

    Episode Number: 724

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Reports investigates the skyrocketing rates of HIV infections across the southern United States, where more than 50% of new infections are reported, by far the highest area in the nation. Also, an update on the fate of Blitz USA, a company that makes plastic gas containers that are alleged to explode.

  • Red Gold

    Episode Number: 723

    Synopsis: From Alaska, where fishermen believe wild salmon, known here as "Red Gold", will be threatened by runoff from a planned copper and gold mine that would be one of the largest in the world.

  • Inside The Revolution

    Episode Number: 722

    Synopsis: Deep inside Syria, we travel with freedom fighters as they take on a dictator. Also, a final journey for the American flag rescued from Ground Zero.

  • Running For Their Lives

    Episode Number: 721

    Synopsis: With the violence escalating, hundreds of families are escaping the hell that is Syria every day. We have first access to crowded camps on the Jordanian border where families show us the horrors of what's happening just a few miles from their safe haven. Also, middle east expert Fouad Ajami.

  • Divided They Stand

    Episode Number: 720

    Synopsis: A conversation on Congress with Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, the authors of the new book It's Even Worse Than It Looks. Plus, an update on "The Piper," a previous story about WWII veteran Bill Millen and his legacy on the beaches of Normandy.

  • Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor

    Episode Number: 719

    Synopsis: Seventy years after the United States was launched into World War II, veteran reporter Dan Rather returns to Hawaii to explore the day that will live in infamy and how its meaning has changed with the passage of time.

  • A Hunger That Never Ends

    Episode Number: 718

    Synopsis: Since the last drought in 2010, hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency food aid has been spent in Africa's most needy nations. And now a brutal summer looms. While the US government and aid agencies race to prevent a food crisis, some are asking is there a better way to save Africa's starving people? Also, an update on drinking water thought contaminated at a U.S. Marine base.

  • The A-List: A Conversation In Hollywood

    Episode Number: 717

    Synopsis: Dan Rather talks live with some of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, including Ed Helms, William H. Macy, and Don Cheadle.

  • The Most Unconventional Conservative

    Episode Number: 716

    Synopsis: Meet Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim-American who believes Islamic terrorists are among us, and silence by Muslims is partly to blame. Plus, an update on our "Castle Doctrine" report and the controversial breed of gun laws center stage in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

  • Adopted or Abducted?

    Episode Number: 715

    Synopsis: An investigation into claims by women that they were forced to put their babies up for adoption, many with the knowledge and support of Catholic Charities. It has been a little discussed practice for decades but this special hour-long program will remove the veil of secrecy that has led to emotional trauma for unwed mothers around the world.

  • China in the Caribbean

    Episode Number: 714

    Synopsis: Big money from China is buying influence in America's backyard. Small countries in the Caribbean are the beneficiaries of Beijing's largess. Also, a live discussion on what China really thinks of its place in the world, and its relationship with the United States.

  • A Panamanian Passageway

    Episode Number: 713

    Synopsis: U.S officials are concerned Panama is becoming a major drug transiting point.

  • The Queen of Green

    Episode Number: 712

    Synopsis: A state agency in California, and the woman who runs it, have enormous influence over everything from the air we breathe to the cars we drive. When it comes to the environment, Mary Nichols, the director of the California Air Resources Board, is the most important person you've probably never heard of. Also, the IRS and non-profits.

  • A Dire Strait

    Episode Number: 711

    Synopsis: It's been called the most strategically important waterway in the world, but tensions are high in the Strait of Hormuz, and the United States Navy ramps up operations for a possible showdown with Iran. Back at the Navy's base on the tiny island Kingdom of Bahrain, an ongoing uprising pits the United States' democratic ideals against the cold, hard reality of oil-driven politics.

  • Case of the Century

    Episode Number: 710

    Synopsis: With the U.S. Supreme Court set to weigh in on President Obama's health care bill, the public seems to think that it is an unconstitutional overreach of federal power. But most legal scholars disagree. Who will win? The political, social, and legal stakes couldn't be higher.

  • Super Tuesday

    Episode Number: 709

    Synopsis: Live from New York, the latest election returns from the GOP Presidential primaries with Dan Rather and a panel of guests.

  • A Greek Tragedy

    Episode Number: 708

    Synopsis: The economic crisis is becoming a disaster to many Greeks with the fallout spreading to children. Some parents are sending their children to live with relatives because they can no longer afford to keep them. Also, the story of a journalist who's taking on a dictator in Europe.

  • Stealth Spy

    Episode Number: 707

    Synopsis: An American engineer was convicted of espionage after selling stealth secrets to China. But were they really secrets? An investigation of American technology transfer to countries around the world.

  • The Doctor Is Out

    Episode Number: 706

    Synopsis: A conversation with Dr. Donald Berwick, a leading expert on America's healthcare policy, discussing the controversial healthcare bill. And, an island in Japan has the longest living people in the world.

  • A Fighting Chance

    Episode Number: 705

    Synopsis: A young, former Army infantryman, wounded in Afghanistan, rehabilitates himself for a chance to play college football. Plus, western businesses invade the new Libya in search of riches.

  • From the Florida Primary

    Episode Number: 704

    Synopsis: The Republican presidential contenders move on to the Sunshine State. Live results from Tampa.

  • From the Florida Primary

    Episode Number: 704

    Synopsis: The Republican presidential contenders move on to the Sunshine State. Live results from Tampa.

  • All for a Bowl of Soup

    Episode Number: 703

    Synopsis: One man's quest to document how the Asian appetite for shark fin soup is decimating the ocean's shark populations.

  • Finnish First

    Episode Number: 702

    Synopsis: In just 30 years, Finland transformed its school system from one that was mediocre and inequitable, to one that consistently produces some of the world's best students, while virtually eliminating an achievement gap. And they do it without standardized testing.

  • Live from the New Hampshire Primary

    Episode Number: 701

    Synopsis: Live election results of the nation's first 2012 presidential primary from Manchester, New Hampshire.

  • Best of Dan Rather Reports 2011

    Episode Number: 640

    Synopsis: From the Middle East to Main Street USA - a look back at some of our favorite stories from 2011.

  • Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor

    Episode Number: 639

    Synopsis: Seventy years after the United States was launched into World War II, veteran reporter Dan Rather returns to Hawaii to explore the day that will live in infamy and how its meaning has changed with the passage of time.

  • Avoiding the Auction Block

    Episode Number: 638

    Synopsis: Despite new federal measures to slow foreclosures, thousands of homes continue to be auctioned off every month. Also, massive waste on Iraq war spending. And, a tale of two cities; Joplin, MO, and Greensburg, KS, both rebuilding after killer tornadoes.

  • An American Nightmare

    Episode Number: 637

    Synopsis: Hundreds of foreign workers claim an American company lured them here with promises of good jobs and even U.S. citizenship. It's now become one of the largest human trafficking cases in modern U.S. History. Also, a Castle Doctrine update.

  • Take A Lesson From Singapore

    Episode Number: 636

    Synopsis: The first in our series of reports on education systems around the world. Why has the United States fallen so far behind? A look at Singapore and their school system that has produced some of the smartest students in the world.

  • The Un-Banked

    Episode Number: 635

    Synopsis: According to new research, more and more consumers are closing accounts at major banks because of "fees". The "un-banked" now are using credit unions and community banks in growing numbers. Also economist Jeffrey Sachs.

  • Angel of the Desert

    Episode Number: 634

    Synopsis: A former mechanic has made it his mission in life to rescue immigrants lost in the desert coming to America. Russia scholar Stephen Cohen on Vladimir Putin. Plus, the dedication of the King Memorial in Washington.

  • Taking It To The Street

    Episode Number: 633

    Synopsis: The protest on Wall Street. Middle East expert Fouad Ajami on the Arab spring.

  • Internal Combustion

    Episode Number: 632

    Synopsis: Despite more fatalities, and millions of dollars in lawsuits, gas can makers are still not using a simple device that critics say would save lives. Also, the dramatic decline in Americans who practice Judaism, and how far some will go to reverse it.

  • Trouble On The Land

    Episode Number: 631

    Synopsis: American universities are involved in what some say is a land grab in the poorest parts of Africa. Plus, the new governor of Michigan comes forward with a controversial program to add jobs.

  • Bad Score

    Episode Number: 630

    Synopsis: Standardized testing in America's schools has become a billion-dollar industry. But whistleblowers come forward to tell how erratically and unfairly the tests are scored. Also, Japan six months after the quake. Will they make another comeback? Plus, an investigation into pesticides and possible new effects on honeybees.

  • What Really Happened At Bari Alai

    Episode Number: 629

    Synopsis: Training Afghans to protect their country has become a multi-billion dollar mission of the United States military. But will the Afghans fight? An investigation into what happened to a group of Afghan and NATO soldiers when they came under enemy fire at a remote outpost. Plus, a conversation with the American general in charge of training Afghan troops.

  • Dan Rather Remembers 9/11

    Episode Number: 628

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Remembers 9/11 is a special broadcast hosted by the man who was watched by tens of millions of viewers on the day America was attacked. His personal recollections as well as poignant stories about how much our country has changed and sacrificed in the last decade.

  • Special - A National Disgrace Revisited

    Episode Number: 627

    Synopsis: Problems with one of America's most broken school systems, Detroit Public Schools, through the eyes of students. An update to our investigation looks at what happened to one graduate in her first year out of high school.

  • What Happened Next: Taking A Hit

    Episode Number: 626

    Synopsis: The remarkable story of a young man's comeback from concussions suffered in football. Also, for the first time, the government is paying parents of troops wounded in battle who need expensive care.

  • What Happened Next: The Dalits of India

    Episode Number: 625

    Synopsis: A follow-up to our investigation into the so-called "untouchables" and the courageous story of one woman who made it out, to America. Also, an update on honor killings in the United Kingdom. Is the phenomenon spreading to the U.S.?

  • What Happened Next? The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu

    Episode Number: 624

    Synopsis: An update on a previous investigation on counterfeit prescription drugs. It turns out there is much more to the story of the Chinese businessman who was convicted of distributing phony pills. Also, we travel to Nigeria where counterfeit drugs are becoming prolific.

  • The New Space Race

    Episode Number: 623

    Synopsis: As the last shuttle mission is scheduled to take flight, Dan hosts a roundtable at the Space Center Houston with former astronauts and a NASA official about America's future on the final frontier. Soon, the only way to get American astronauts into space will be aboard Russian rockets.

  • All Is Not Forgiven

    Episode Number: 622

    Synopsis: An investigation of shocking new evidence in the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal in Los Angeles. Also, the story of a foreign high-tech worker who has come to the United States. And a huge cloud of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • No Thanks for Everything

    Episode Number: 621

    Synopsis: Americans from coast to coast talk about how big corporations have abandoned them in favor of lower cost guest workers from other countries.

  • Mini-Meds

    Episode Number: 620

    Synopsis: So-called limited coverage health care insurance plans are an inexpensive option. But what are you really getting for your money? Also, a former TARP official says get ready for another bailout...and this one will be bigger than the last. And, a Chinese art exhibit goes on display in New York while the artist remains detained in China.

  • No Easy Answers

    Episode Number: 619

    Synopsis: As America looks for answers to the education crisis, Dan Rather Reports talks to experts who've spent their careers trying to solve one of this country's most difficult problems.

  • The App Bubble

    Episode Number: 618

    Synopsis: Millions of dollars are pouring into tech start-ups, all hoping to be the next Facebook. But will boom turn to bust? Also, was a government agency too aggressive pursuing commercial fishermen?

  • A National Disgrace

    Episode Number: 617

    Synopsis: A special Dan Rather Reports takes an in-depth look at the deep challenges facing the Detroit Public Schools. From a fierce battle at the district level, to the heartbreaking story of a student trying to succeed, this report uses a local crisis to ask broad national questions.

  • The Best of the Best

    Episode Number: 616

    Synopsis: A look at the role of the United States military's Special Operations Command in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Also, the revolution the Syrian government doesn't want you to see. And, behind the great firewall, the Chinese government trying to control information on the Internet.

  • The Nuclear Option

    Episode Number: 615

    Synopsis: In the wake of the disaster in Japan, the debate over the future of nuclear energy has reached a fever pitch. Dan Rather discusses the politics, science, and economics of nuclear power with experts in the field.

  • Gas Pains

    Episode Number: 614

    Synopsis: What's behind the sudden jump in gas prices may have nothing to do with supply or politics in the middle east. Also, the electric car - building the infrastructure to keep cars going. And rhino poaching in S. Africa is booming.

  • The Mother Lode

    Episode Number: 613

    Synopsis: Discoveries of huge deposits of copper in Afghanistan. China won the contract to mine it amid allegations of massive bribery. Also, the man in charge of the payout to victims of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is under fire.

  • The Dissident Disappeared

    Episode Number: 612

    Synopsis: China's most famous activist and dissident, Ai Weiwei, has suddenly vanished. Plus, the tiny Dominican Republic supplies more Major League Baseball talent than any country except the United States.

  • Mexican Standoff

    Episode Number: 611

    Synopsis: The death toll soars as the United States backs Mexico's war on drug trafficking and tensions between the two governments threaten to fray this vital partnership. Dan Rather travels to Mexico City to meet with experts and observers to find out what is happening behind the scenes, and what the future holds.

  • ...Do Unto Others

    Episode Number: 610

    Synopsis: A little-known exemption in the health care bill allows Christians to opt out of the mandatory coverage. And, allegations of massive visa fraud and giant loopholes that critics say are allowing hi-tech multinational companies to discriminate against Americans. Finally, Presidential science advisor Eric Lander.

  • Betty vs. Goliath

    Episode Number: 609

    Synopsis: The Supreme Court hears arguments in the largest class action case ever. Betty Dukes vs Wal-Mart is about gender discrimination and the nation's largest employer. Also, the latest from rebel-held Libya and pulling out from parts of Afghanistan.

  • Power Play

    Episode Number: 608

    Synopsis: A new generation of nuclear power generators is on the horizon. Plus, "corrective rape" in South Africa and an electronic voting machines update.

  • Just Plane Work

    Episode Number: 607

    Synopsis: President Obama's recent announcement in India of deals that would create jobs back home may be much less than advertised, especially for workers starved for good news at the Boeing aircraft plant in Long Beach, CA. Also, Brazilian immigrants to the United States returning home. And NY Times stats expert Nate Silver on the 2012 presidential race.

  • A Precarious Peace

    Episode Number: 606

    Synopsis: While demonstrations spread across the Middle East, there is calm in what has long been one of the region's flashpoints, the West Bank. Credit is being given to a previously little-known U.S. program that has fostered unprecedented cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians.

  • Blood in the Name of Honor

    Episode Number: 605

    Synopsis: Honor killings are on the rise in Great Britain. Long a practice in parts of the third world, killing a woman because it's believed she has dishonored her family, has suddenly began to increase in immigrant communities in the United Kingdom. Also, analysis of the uprising in Egypt with a Muslim advisor to President Obama and an executive with the Committee to Protect Journalists.

  • Come Write-In, Senator

    Episode Number: 604

    Synopsis: The United States Senate welcomes its most unlikely winner, Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, who becomes the first incumbent to win a write-in campaign. And because she received no GOP support, she now feels beholden to no one. Also, Dr. Fouad Ajami examines unrest in Egypt.

  • One Feisty Fish

    Episode Number: 603

    Synopsis: It's less than a foot long but scientists are concerned Lionfish threaten ecological balance of the Atlantic Ocean. Lionfish have venomous spikes and an appetite so enormous researchers believe they could wipe out native fish populations. Also a report on micro loans to help the poor.

  • Help Wanted! (Not Here)

    Episode Number: 602

    Synopsis: American high-tech companies have been laying off thousands of workers in Silicon Valley but they're hiring like mad in India. Plus, the President's plan to sell American goods overseas that he believes will create jobs at home.

  • Addicted To Antibiotics

    Episode Number: 601

    Synopsis: Americans are so over-medicated with antibiotics that drugs once used to save lives are no longer effective. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is on the rise. Plus we travel to Norway, a country that makes it difficult to obtain antibiotics.

  • The Best Of 2010

    Episode Number: 540

    Synopsis: Highlights from some of our many investigations in 2010.

  • Home Loans From Hell

    Episode Number: 539

    Synopsis: The number of foreclosures could top 4 million this year and efforts to stave off the process through a government program called HAMP have led to more frustration among some homeowners who still lose their homes. Also, economist Gary Shilling on when he expects the U.S. economy to turn around.

  • True Believers

    Episode Number: 538

    Synopsis: With a new Pope, the Catholic Church is moving ideologically to the right.

  • Shell Game

    Episode Number: 537

    Synopsis: Thousands were sickened. Nearly a dozen died from salmonella poisoning. So what's happened to Jack DeCoster, the Iowa farmer who allegedly supplied millions of tainted eggs? Also, an update on prostitution in Portland and the last piper from D-Day.

  • Here Comes the Cash

    Episode Number: 536

    Synopsis: A look at special interest money and its effect as millions of dollars pours into two political races in the Midwest. Republican and Democratic candidates are being hammered by advertising funded far from their home states.

  • Govt. 2.0

    Episode Number: 535

    Synopsis: Dan Rather interviews Tim O'Reilly, the man behind Government 2.0, an idea to revolutionize government by using the internet to make it more user friendly. Also, noted Russia scholar Stephen Cohen.

  • Das Vote

    Episode Number: 534

    Synopsis: As Americans prepare to vote-many of them by electronic machines-millions of Europeans are going back to paper and pencil. Germany is just one of three European countries to buy electronic voting machines, only to throw them out after hackers demonstrate their vulnerabilities. Also, one American's fight against voting machines in his state.

  • Field of Broken Dreams

    Episode Number: 533

    Synopsis: The tiny Dominican Republic supplies more Major League Baseball talent than any country except the United States. The lure of big money is so strong that thousands of young Dominican boys give up everything, including an education, for a shot at the big leagues.

  • All I Want Is Work

    Episode Number: 532

    Synopsis: Unemployed workers in rural Georgia say they'll do anything for a job, including farm labor. But they say they've been squeezed out of job opportunities by immigrant laborers.

  • Goin' To Guam

    Episode Number: 531

    Synopsis: After years of protests in Okinawa, thousands of U.S. Marines are leaving the Japanese island for the U.S. territory of Guam, where opposition to the new troops is growing. Plus, an update on Iran's efforts to launder money through western banks. Also, letters from viewers.

  • Take This Job and Love It

    Episode Number: 530

    Synopsis: With unemployment high, many American businesses are importing foreign workers which allows them to have an easily exploited work force. Plus, scientists wonder why great white sharks are in the waters off the east coast where they haven't been seen in years.

  • A Family Secret

    Episode Number: 529

    Synopsis: A special investigation explores a phenomenon long held secret by Afghan families - on how they go to extreme lengths for their children's survival. Also, a report from onboard a research ship in the gulf looking for oil from the BP blowout.

  • The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu

    Episode Number: 528

    Synopsis: A Chinese businessman tries to penetrate the U.S. drug supply chain with enormous quantities of counterfeit prescription medication. Also, fake drugs from China flood into Africa.

  • What Happened Next: Wolfman

    Episode Number: 527

    Synopsis: A look back at previous stories from northwest Montana, including the first wolf hunt for grey wolves, trapping giant grizzly bears and disappearing ice from Glacier National Park.

  • What Happened Next: The Future of the Military

    Episode Number: 526

    Synopsis: As the Pentagon expands America's military reach, some are questioning the strategy as foolish and expensive. An alternative plan for a future military.

  • What Happened Next: Concussions

    Episode Number: 525

    Synopsis: A follow up to our reporting on concussions, football, and dementia. The topic is now a major area of concern and the National Football League has begun taking aggressive action.

  • What Happened Next: Congressman Grayson

    Episode Number: 524

    Synopsis: We begin a special series of reports updating what's happened since our original investigations aired. First up, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida. Also the government claims progress against Medicare fraud.

  • Return to Base

    Episode Number: 523

    Synopsis: For the better part of a year photographer Lucian Read embedded with the 4th infantry division 4th combat brigade during their one year deployment in Afghanistan. We were there for their homecoming in Fort Carson, Colorado and afterward sat down with some of the soldiers for a round table discussion before an audience of troops and their families. Also, vignettes from our time embedded with the soldiers.

  • Spiritually Bankrupt

    Episode Number: 522

    Synopsis: The Catholic Church faces hundreds of lawsuits in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. Dioceses across the country have filed for bankruptcy, but our investigation suggests the church has hid considerable assets to avoid paying damages to victims. Also, a look at the fight for millions of federal dollars, all over rum.

  • A Gulf in Understanding

    Episode Number: 521

    Synopsis: What will happen to all that oil? With millions of gallons of crude spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, scientists rush to understand the effects of this massive uncontrolled undersea experiment. Also, four generations of a fishing family and an award winning photographer share their views on the environmental disaster.

  • Face-Off

    Episode Number: 520

    Synopsis: The Supreme Court ruled that crime lab technicians have to come to court to testify. Prosecutors say it's chaos. Defense lawyers say it's what's in the Constitution. Also a discussion about what this case tells us about the Supreme Court in a time of transition.

  • Haul or High Water

    Episode Number: 519

    Synopsis: The American economy survives and thrives because of a highly efficient transportation system that relies on trucks. But the drivers of those trucks are working longer hours and making less money than ever.

  • Up To Their Ashes

    Episode Number: 518

    Synopsis: The volcano spewing ash in Iceland may be a sign of things to come. Scientists there believe melting glaciers will lead to more frequent and larger volcanic eruptions. Also, neighboring Greenland and the loss of glaciers there. Plus, a young man with a new idea on Wall Street.

  • Pornland, Oregon

    Episode Number: 517

    Synopsis: Oregon's largest city has an unfortunate nickname, but vice officers with the Portland police think it's well deserved. The sex trade, especially involving minors, is taking off like a rocket. And Portland police feel understaffed and overwhelmed with young girls being sold for sex.

  • Voting With Their Feet

    Episode Number: 516

    Synopsis: An unseen side of the war in Afghanistan. Despite U.S. efforts to stabilize the country, thousands of Afghans are now fleeing their homeland every year trying to reach Europe and a better life. Also, evidence from rape cases gets a second look.

  • Where There's Smoke...

    Episode Number: 515

    Synopsis: Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan believe smoke coming from enormous trash fires is making them ill and possibly causing cancer. And, as oil washes ashore in the Gulf of Mexico, hard times for fishermen in Louisiana and fear in Alaska, where big rigs are about begin drilling offshore.

  • Mud Flap

    Episode Number: 514

    Synopsis: The Louisiana coastline is quickly disappearing because of man-made levees. But mud from the Mississippi River can save the coast. Without it, scientists predict by the next century, Baton Rouge, 80 miles inland, will be on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans will be under water. Plus the remarkable story of a young survivor left for dead in Haiti.

  • Fracking Gas

    Episode Number: 513

    Synopsis: Is natural gas the answer to America's energy problems? A revolutionary process called "fracking" has opened up a world of possibilities for this county's energy future.

  • The Big O

    Episode Number: 512

    Synopsis: A candid conversation with the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General Raymond Odierno on the drawdown of American forces.

  • Not If But When

    Episode Number: 511

    Synopsis: As Haiti struggles to rebuild, a team of geologists has rushed to the country. Their conclusion is that much of Port au Prince may never be safe from future earthquakes. Also, a look at a remarkable medical clinic in Florida and a major study says the future of journalism is bleak.

  • Over and Out

    Episode Number: 510

    Synopsis: First evidence that the 6 year-old war in Iraq is coming to an end for U.S. forces. Dan Rather Reports was on hand for the dismantling of one of the bases that was once a hot spot in the middle of the war. Now everything is being shipped to the U.S. or Afghanistan. Also, the remarkable women of Rwanda taking power.

  • The Price of an Afghan Bride

    Episode Number: 509

    Synopsis: One of Afghanistan's few women scholars, a young writer and poet, is about to be unwillingly sold for marriage. Also, waiting for reinforcements in Kandahar.

  • Women and War

    Episode Number: 508

    Synopsis: From the Newseum in Washington, the beginning of a month-long series of reports on empowering women in developing countries. In conflict areas, women are seen as peacemakers where there has long been war.

  • Aftershock

    Episode Number: 507

    Synopsis: Portraits From Hell: Long after the dignitaries have departed and the media circus has moved on, portraits of life for the survivors of Haiti's earthquake. Plus, Dan Rather surveys the damage with the U.S. General in charge of the relief effort.

  • What's Happening Inside Reeves?

    Episode Number: 506

    Synopsis: A privately run Federal prison in a small Texas town collects millions of dollars a month but few know--or can find out--what goes on behind the walls. And a national landmark gets a makeover.

  • Snapshot

    Episode Number: 505

    Synopsis: A coast to coast look at one week in jobless America with stories of how the recession continues to dig deep into every corner of the country.

  • Taking a Hit

    Episode Number: 504

    Synopsis: Over the last year, the talk of concussions has been everywhere, from the halls of Congress, to NFL headquarters, to the sidelines of youth sports. Awareness is up, but has anything really changed?

  • Paging Doctor Fraud

    Episode Number: 503

    Synopsis: An investigation into the billions of dollars being stolen from this country's Medicare system. Also why airport body scanners have been slow to be deployed. And, an American diplomat who's spent 30 years in Haiti talks about the future of the island nation.

  • Kidney Pirates

    Episode Number: 502

    Synopsis: A look into the growing criminal trade for human kidneys run by traffickers exploiting desperate buyers and sellers.

  • Talking Text

    Episode Number: 501

    Synopsis: Roundtable discussion on the explosion in communications via the Internet. Also the latest terrorism threat coming from Yemen.

  • The Best of 2009

    Episode Number: 440

    Synopsis: The Best of Dan Rather Reports 2009-- a look back at the year's most memorable moments.

  • Mind Your Loan Business

    Episode Number: 439

    Synopsis: Dan Rather continues his investigation into truck driver training schools, this time in Michigan, where former trucking students claim they were defrauded out of thousands of dollars for a new start that ended up to be a dead end. Also, small investors who lost big to Wall Street giants try to get their money back.

  • Afghanistan: One Last Chance

    Episode Number: 438

    Synopsis: Dan Rather travels to the front lines in eastern Afghanistan where United States forces are abandoning old strategies of searching for an elusive enemy in favor of securing large population centers and building a government. Plus, selling the President's new plan to a reluctant Congress.

  • Treasure Island

    Episode Number: 437

    Synopsis: Madagascar is a treasure island famous for its exotic wildlife and valuable timber - an investigation of how logging may be costing this poor country its natural heritage. And a New England town sparks another American revolution, this time in how we eat.

  • Truck Talk

    Episode Number: 436

    Synopsis: Dan Rather visits the big truck stop at Carl's Corner, Texas, to hear from the American Truckers Associations and big rig drivers from across the country who are concerned about their profession.

  • Carbonomics

    Episode Number: 435

    Synopsis: Understanding an issue you need to know. Cap and trade and a plan by the Obama administration to reduce pollution.

  • Pill Mills

    Episode Number: 434

    Synopsis: Police say pill mills in Texas make buying narcotics too easy, and closing a famous American street.

  • Queen of the Road

    Episode Number: 433

    Synopsis: Thousands of new truckers are hitting the road every year. Are they properly trained to handle the big rigs? Plus, scientists go deep, literally, to find healthy coral in the Caribbean.

  • Tax Cheats

    Episode Number: 432

    Synopsis: Americans who stash money in Swiss banks to avoid taxes will soon be prosecuted. Plus, following the "Wolfman" in northern Montana and New York's jobless recovery.

  • Half the Sky

    Episode Number: 431

    Synopsis: A discussion with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn on the story they think will be the most important in the 21st century--the emerging role of women in developing countries.

  • Taking On The Fed

    Episode Number: 430

    Synopsis: A congressman demands to know where the Fed spent its billions. And on the front line of the surge in Afghanistan.

  • Iran's Manhattan Project

    Episode Number: 429

    Synopsis: Despite sanctions, Iran has been able to launder billions through western banks--enough to build nuclear weapons, plus a conversation with Florida's newly appointed US Senator.

  • Electric Cars

    Episode Number: 428

    Synopsis: Coming to a showroom near you: electric cars. They're sleek, fast, powerful and, so far, very expensive.

  • The Most Dangerous Place To Join A Union

    Episode Number: 427

    Synopsis: Union members in Columbia working for American companies living in fear. Bolivia's tough stance against the U.S. and WHINSEC--was it a school to train assassins?

  • The Trailers--4 Years Later

    Episode Number: 426

    Synopsis: A look back at reports on the "Toxic Trailers" of Hurricane Katrina. The stories of what happened to Gulf coast residents who were victims twice.

  • Up on the Farm

    Episode Number: 425

    Synopsis: A roundtable discussion on the growing phenomenon of urban farming.

  • A Conversation With Frank Rich

    Episode Number: 424

    Synopsis: The New York Times columnist discusses America at war, race relations and the media.

  • A Border Runs Through It

    Episode Number: 423

    Synopsis: Few of the thousands of people crossing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border every day are searched or checked. And an Afghan border region where NATO reconstruction efforts are paying off. Also, a conversation on President Obama's recent trip to Russia with scholar Stephen Cohen.

  • Money Man to the World

    Episode Number: 422

    Synopsis: An interview with the director of the International Monetary Fund as he tries to save the world from financial chaos.

  • Private Prisons

    Episode Number: 421

    Synopsis: Locking up tens of thousands of migrants is making big bucks for private prisons, at taxpayer expense and J Street--a controversial group of American Jews who are advocating peace.

  • 7 Years Inside Gitmo

    Episode Number: 420

    Synopsis: The first American television interview with a just released terrorism suspect and a tour of the "new" Guantanamo.

  • Rethinking Russia

    Episode Number: 419

    Synopsis: A discussion with three prominent Russia scholars on the state of relations between the United States and Russia.

  • The Raid on Imam Sahib

    Episode Number: 418

    Synopsis: A close up look at a town in Afghanistan after a raid by US Special Forces. And a rare visit to the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

  • Power from the People

    Episode Number: 417

    Synopsis: Germany is moving quickly to develop alternative energy, allowing individual homes to sell excess power to electric companies. Also, Abu Dhabi goes green and an icon of the environmental movement.

  • Operation Helmet

    Episode Number: 416

    Synopsis: Battling the military for helmet pads to protect troops against IEDs. Is the drinking water causing cancer at Camp Le Jeune? And learning about the Holocaust firsthand.

  • Revolt

    Episode Number: 415

    Synopsis: The Virginia legislature says "no thanks" to federal stimulus money that would have helped some of the state's record number of unemployed. Also, gangs in the military have police worried. Plus, feeding the starving in Afghanistan and a new phenomenon of grocery auctions in the United States.

  • Busted

    Episode Number: 414

    Synopsis: Las Vegas now has the dubious distinction of double digit unemployment and a huge number of home foreclosures as the economy goes bust.

  • Everyone's Covered

    Episode Number: 413

    Synopsis: In Canada, everyone is covered by medical insurance. But there are often long waits to see doctors or have surgery. Also, an agricultural town where workers who climbed the economic ladder out of the fields are suddenly finding themselves without jobs. And, a conversation on the Middle East with noted scholar Fouad Ajami.

  • Meat Market

    Episode Number: 412

    Synopsis: From white tablecloth restaurants to ranches in the Midwest, the economic effect of the recession on the beef industry. Also, noted Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren.

  • The Swedish Model

    Episode Number: 411

    Synopsis: The "Swedish Model" of nationalizing banks is seen as the next step if U.S. banks continue to falter. Also, the simplest explanation of the Obama Administration's banking bailout plan. And lobbyists are mad over new restrictions.

  • A Border Runs Through It

    Episode Number: 410

    Synopsis: Few of the thousands of people crossing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border every day are searched or checked. And an Afghan border region where NATO reconstruction efforts are paying off.

  • Meltdown

    Episode Number: 409

    Synopsis: Iceland's government collapses after its banks fail. Also, many small, community bankers in the U.S. are whistling through the recession.

  • Knocking Heads

    Episode Number: 408

    Synopsis: New science has determined young athletes are risking permanent brain damage if concussions are untreated. Also, professional athletes and brain damage.

  • SOLD!

    Episode Number: 407

    Synopsis: Ft. Myers Florida is knee deep in bankruptcies and foreclosures. But even bad economic times can be profitable. Also, the woman in charge of finding the billions in tax dollars given to the banks.

  • Yankee, Go Home!

    Episode Number: 406

    Synopsis: The new President of Bolivia promotes coca growth and expels US drug agents. A military school with a questionable past is training soldiers from Latin America. Plus, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan.

  • The Castle Doctrine

    Episode Number: 405

    Synopsis: A new breed of laws is rapidly giving Americans more rights to use deadly force to defend themselves and their property.

  • Target: Philippines

    Episode Number: 404

    Synopsis: American troops fighting terrorists in the Philippines have become a model for the global war on terror.

  • A Dream Fulfilled

    Episode Number: 403

    Synopsis: Many who were living in Memphis when Dr. King was assassinated travel to Washington, D.C. to see their dream fulfilled. And, Civil Rights pioneer Dr. Benjamin Hooks and Van Jones, the guru of "green jobs."

  • War Without End

    Episode Number: 402

    Synopsis: The latest from Gaza. Madeline Albright on the Middle East Crisis and J Street--a controversial group of American Jews who are advocating peace.

  • The Commander

    Episode Number: 401

    Synopsis: Dan Rather travels to Afghanistan to interview the American general in charge of quelling the growing insurgency. Also a visit to frontline U.S. forces.

  • The Most Wanted Man in Iran

    Episode Number: 342

    Synopsis: Meet the leader of a group killing Iranian soldiers along the country's border with Pakistan. The Iranians call them terrorists with ties to Al Qaeda, but the group's leader says they're freedom fighters. Plus a weapon the U.S. wants to use but other countries want to ban.

  • Whiz Kids

    Episode Number: 341

    Synopsis: Wall Street is now attracting a huge percentage of graduates from the nation's elite colleges and universities, and some are questioning if this is the best use of this countries brightest young minds. Also, Israel and its amazing contributions to the high tech world. And after another devastating hurricane, questions about whether to rebuild Galveston, Texas.

  • Pollution in Paradise

    Episode Number: 340

    Synopsis: One of the most valuable and pristine natural habitats in the world, the Galapagos Islands are now threatened due in part to a flood of tourists. Dan Rather travels to the islands to examine the rapidly changing environment there.

  • Coca, Si, Cocaine, No

    Episode Number: 339

    Synopsis: A conversation with the President of Bolivia. Farmers there are growing huge amounts of coca plants used to manufacture cocaine, but it's also considered a century old medicine. Also, a look at how the Pentagon sees 21st Century U.S. military. It's a radical transformation.

  • Conquering the Concrete

    Episode Number: 338 - V2

    Synopsis: America's roads, parking lots and rooftops are a major source of pollution. Also, interracial adoption and how Houston desegregated.

  • Conquering the Concrete

    Episode Number: 338

    Synopsis: America's roads, parking lots and rooftops are a major source of pollution. Also, interracial adoption and how Houston desegregated.

  • To Never Forget

    Episode Number: 337

    Synopsis: A special Veteran's Day look at the wounds of war. Plus the election of Barack Obama through the eyes of a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and historian. And thoughts from voting lines across America on election day.

  • Election Night 2008

    Episode Number: 336

    Synopsis: Comprehensive live election coverage from the very best. Dan Rather anchors coverage of this historic election night live from the Newseum in Washington, DC.

  • Election.com

    Episode Number: 335

    Synopsis: The 2008 Presidential election has seen the rise of internet web sites as increasingly setting the daily news agenda. Also, premiere pollster Nate Silver on the election. And a look back at how much has changed in the south in just two generations.

  • A Few Good Men, A Lot Of Bad Water

    Episode Number: 334

    Synopsis: A former Marine Corps drill sergeant believes toxic chemicals in the water supply at Camp Lejeune, NC, led to the death of his daughter. Also, Nobel Prize winner economist Paul Krugman. And the new face of the Peace Corps.

  • Out at Home

    Episode Number: 333

    Synopsis: Did the 700-billion dollar bailout bill address the primary problem with the economy? A look at an initiative to re-work loans called HOPE NOW. Plus America's sick economy is infecting nations around the world. And re-inventing education in East Los Angeles.

  • ...Going, Going...

    Episode Number: 332

    Synopsis: In Glacier National Park there is dramatic evidence of climate change as scientists watch the glaciers melting away at an alarming rate, also the politics of global warming.

  • Dirty Money Down South

    Episode Number: 331

    Synopsis: The state of Georgia leads the nation in home foreclosures. But a former governor says it didn't have to happen. Also, Nate Silver, professional prognosticator of polls. And a new wave of immigrants in America's small towns are from unlikely parts of the world.

  • All Mine

    Episode Number: 330

    Synopsis: When an American company bought a massive copper mine from the government of Congo, it also took control of part of the impoverished country's economic future. Critics say the contract for the billion-dollar mine left the war-torn African nation with little in return, and that the U.S. government played a part in what many are describing as a modern day land grab. Also, economist Gary Shilling on Wall Street woes.

  • Battle Plan

    Episode Number: 329

    Synopsis: The Pentagon is making decisions to build up a big, "culturally sensitive" ground force meant to police cities and occupy foreign territory. Why? Pentagon brass thinks that's what's "most likely" down the road. And few in government are asking critical questions.

  • A Sudden Explosion

    Episode Number: 328

    Synopsis: Why are consumer gas cans exploding? There are millions of them in homes all across the country, but critics charge they can easily explode under the right conditions and that most of the cans could be made safe with an inexpensive filter; also, recruiting US Marines in wartime.

  • Serving America

    Episode Number: 327

    Synopsis: The science behind the storms. A look at how computer modeling has made tracking hurricanes more precise. Has global warming affected hurricane intensity? Painful lessons learned from Katrina. Also, both presidential candidates have ambitious plans to increase public service; a look at the current state of service in America. Also, the GOP convention is being held in an area with the highest rate of volunteerism in the U.S.

  • The Last Loophole

    Episode Number: 326

    Synopsis: Federal law allows unlimited giving by corporations to "host committees" for the national political conventions, but critics argue the committees are nothing more than cash machines for the Democratic and Republican parties. Also, race in America: 50 years ago this summer--two cities' efforts to end segregation. And, the "Harlem of the West," the gentrification of the Five Points area of Denver.

  • The Real Iraq

    Episode Number: 325

    Synopsis: The war in Iraq as seen from the inside. Two young marines who worked closely with General Petraeus and a photojournalist who documented their exploits go beyond talking points and spin to provide a unique and in-depth perspective on the war.

  • Eat To Live

    Episode Number: 324

    Synopsis: Food pantries and food banks are reporting huge increases in demand at the worst possible time. Plus, food vs. fuel: the ethanol debate. And, the mayor of a Texas border town is trying to stop the federal government's border fence.

  • The High Price Of Ransom

    Episode Number: 323

    Synopsis: Iraqi refugees trying to come to this country are suddenly put on hold. And the debate over injecting race horses with steroids and painkillers.

  • Ocean View

    Episode Number: 322

    Synopsis: Palmyra Atoll is a natural paradise - 1000 miles south of Hawaii this collection of tiny islands is home to one of the world's most spectacular coral reefs and is protected by the US government from commercial fishing. Plus, an American evangelist tries to spread Christianity in China. And, religion in the U.S. Military.

  • Scott McClellan

    Episode Number: 321

    Synopsis: Dan Rather goes beyond the headlines in a conversation with the former White House press secretary. McClellan lifts the veil on the inner workings of the White House and how decisions are made.

  • Why So High? America & The Price Of Oil

    Episode Number: 320

    Synopsis: From coast to coast, the squeeze is on. A country dependent on inexpensive oil makes the hard transition to the higher prices at the pumps.

  • Stress Test: Getting Into College

    Episode Number: 319

    Synopsis: A behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes, high money world of the college admissions process. Is it fair? And is it serving the interests of parents, students, or the colleges themselves?

  • A Price to Print

    Episode Number: 318

    Synopsis: A former reporter with USA Today faces fines of $5,000 a day for not disclosing a source. A downturn in the economy is magnified for residents still rebuilding their lives from Hurricane Katrina. A former Guantanamo prosecutor turned defense witness.

  • Charging Into A Recession

    Episode Number: 317

    Synopsis: Credit card debt is climbing rapidly as consumers use it as a last line of defense. Also does the credit card industry face the same future as the sub-prime mortgage market? Plus high definition video shows the once beautiful coral reefs off Florida's coast are dying from pollution. And New York's Health Commissioner tries to save a city from itself.

  • The North Carolina and Indiana Primaries

    Episode Number: 316

    Synopsis: Live from Washington, Presidential Primary night in Indiana and North Carolina. In depth coverage and analysis.

  • Wal-Mart Goes To Washington

    Episode Number: 315

    Synopsis: Newly obtained videotape takes viewers behind the corporate curtain at the largest corporation in the world, Wal-Mart. And thousands of Dalit women in India are forced into a life sentence of sexual servitude by religious custom.

  • On the Obama Campaign

    Episode Number: 314

    Synopsis: With unique backstage access, Dan Rather and his team follow Illinois Senator Barack Obama on a recent campaign swing through Pennsylvania in the run-up to the state's presidential primary.

  • Mind Science

    Episode Number: 313

    Synopsis: Scientists, with the help of Buddhist monks and the Dalai Lama, are unlocking mysteries of the brain.

  • Both Sides Of The Fence

    Episode Number: 312

    Synopsis: The proposed fence along the Texas border with Mexico hasn't been welcomed by residents of Eagle Pass, who think it's a multi-billion dollar waste of money. Also, a controversial Bush administration program of abstinence to prevent AIDS. And the residents of the Exxon Valdez spill have their day in court.

  • Trade Winds

    Episode Number: 311

    Synopsis: From Havana--There's a new Castro in charge and the economy of the Caribbean Island nation is changing as Cuba opens markets with much of the world, even the United States. Also, views of the island from a younger generation of Cuban Americans, who have never set foot in Cuba but have strong opinions about the embargo.

  • Captain Gildroy's War

    Episode Number: 310

    Synopsis: As the war in Iraq enters its sixth year, we travel to a seldom visited area south of Baghdad where a US Marine officer gives a unique perspective on what's going right and what's not. Also a retired general who fought on Iwo Jima gives his views on the effectiveness of torture. And, the slumping American economy.

  • Company Men

    Episode Number: 309

    Synopsis: An inside look at the CIA from analysts and agents who've spent decades fighting America's secret battles around the world.

  • Silencing the Scientist

    Episode Number: 308

    Synopsis: In an exclusive interview, a top public health official says the government withheld important information about the health risk posed from living in formaldehyde contaminated campers. Also, some of the wealthiest Americans are paying one of the lowest tax rates. And, journalists and what's "off the record". Plus, the resurgent Texas Democrats.

  • A Safe Place to Shoot Up

    Episode Number: 307

    Synopsis: Vancouver, Canada is often called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It will host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. But it is also home to the highest HIV rate in the western world. And the city is supporting a controversial measure that allows for a safe place to inject drugs and, they hope, lower the risk of AIDS transmission. Also, as the presidential campaign moves to Ohio, more controversy over voting machines.

  • Bombs Left Behind

    Episode Number: 306

    Synopsis: Long after a cease fire in the Iraeli-Lebanese conflict, thousands of unexploded bombs--cluster munitions--still cover the battlefields and are wounding many unintended victims--civilians. Also, FEMA promises go unmet to the residents of the Gulf Coast still living in trailer homes. And a leading economist comments on the state of America's fiscal health.

  • Super Tuesday

    Episode Number: 305

    Synopsis: Live from the pivotal state of California, Dan Rather anchors five hours of Super Tuesday coverage from the campus of the University of Southern California.

  • The Florida Primary

    Episode Number: 304

    Synopsis: Florida is the next stop on the campaign trail. Dan Rather Reports will offer analysis from inside the campaigns with political pros who have been there. Special two-hour coverage live from St. Petersburg, Florida, with results from the GOP primary.

  • The Hollywood Influence

    Episode Number: 303

    Synopsis: The influence of Hollywood on the American culture from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Also a conversation with the founder of the festival, Robert Redford.

  • The South Carolina Primary

    Episode Number: 302

    Synopsis: On the campaign trail. It's on to the campus of the University of South Carolina at Columbia, where presidential candidates search the state for votes. We'll look inside the race with pros who have run political campaigns.

  • The New Hampshire Primary

    Episode Number: 301 - V2

    Synopsis: Live from Manchester, Dan Rather brings you the most comprehensive election returns and analysis of the nations first primary for the 2008 presidential election.

  • The New Hampshire Primary

    Episode Number: 301

    Synopsis: Live from Manchester, Dan Rather brings you the most comprehensive election returns and analysis of the nations first primary for the 2008 presidential election.

  • Pressuring the Prosecutor

    Episode Number: 242

    Synopsis: A former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo speaks out, and a public school teaches the Bible.

  • Church & State: Separation Anxieties

    Episode Number: 241

    Synopsis: A panel discussion with legal scholars about how the Constitution governs the balance of religion and government in American life.

  • G.I. Gangs

    Episode Number: 240

    Synopsis: Reports that gang members are enlisting in the U.S. military have terrified police. Plus, changes in Indian law could soon make low cost generic drugs unaffordable to many.

  • Pay Dirt: Subsidies and the American Farmer

    Episode Number: 239

    Synopsis: Some farmers are worried that huge subsides are a waste. A visit to the backwaters of Burma and taming Louisiana's wetlands.

  • A Crack in the Ice

    Episode Number: 238

    Synopsis: For centuries, explorers dreamed of a Northwest Passage. Now, as the Arctic melts, that dream is becoming a reality. But is the world ready?

  • The Dosage Dilemma

    Episode Number: 237

    Synopsis: Many parents were alarmed when infant and children's cold medicines were pulled from the market and deemed unsafe. In fact, two thirds of drugs prescribed for children have not undergone pediatric testing. Also, the anatomy of a cyber attack that brought a country to its knees.

  • The Dosage Dilemma

    Episode Number: 237

    Synopsis: Many parents were alarmed when infant and children's cold medicines were pulled from the market and deemed unsafe. In fact, two thirds of drugs prescribed for children have not undergone pediatric testing. Also, the anatomy of a cyber attack that brought a country to its knees.

  • The Passion of His Politics--A Candid Conversation with James Carville

    Episode Number: 236

    Synopsis: Dan Rather and Democratic strategist James Carville discuss the state of politics-2008.

  • Into Africa

    Episode Number: 235

    Synopsis: With little fanfare and even less notice, the U.S. Military will now have a new command dedicated to Africa. Also, an inside look at the American security company called Blackwater.

  • One Man vs. China

    Episode Number: 234 - V2

    Synopsis: Dan Rather visits with the Dalai Lama. The man who calls himself "just a simple monk" tells us the Chinese, who exiled him decades ago, lack the moral authority to become a super power.

  • One Man vs. China

    Episode Number: 234

    Synopsis: Dan Rather visits with the Dalai Lama. The man who calls himself "just a simple monk" tells us the Chinese, who exiled him decades ago, lack the moral authority to become a super power.

  • Christian Soldiers

    Episode Number: 233

    Synopsis: A watchdog group claims members of far right wing evangelical Christian groups are having an undue influence on the U.S. military. Plus, a trek to Greenland where scientists report the ice is melting much more rapidly than they anticipated. And voting rights--the Supreme Court has agreed to hear whether voters need government issued ID's to vote.

  • America Over There

    Episode Number: 232

    Synopsis: A rare visit to one of the most dangerous places on earth, Somalia. Since the U.S pulled out more than a decade ago, Somalia has fallen deeper into crisis. But there is still American involvement, this time by proxy. Also, the United States is sending billions to Pakistan to fight terrorism. But Pakistan's dictator has found another use for the money. And a Louisiana woman suddenly finds her neighbor is a mountain of trash, courtesy of the Katrina cleanup.

  • Plastic Planes

    Episode Number: 231

    Synopsis: Top former and current Boeing engineers believe the new 787 Dreamliner should not be certified to fly since it was built primarily out of high tech plastics called composites. And from Florida, dolphins in danger because people are loving them to death.

  • Heroes at Home

    Episode Number: 230

    Synopsis: Two remarkable women deal with the realities of lives changed forever by war because loved ones were killed or injured fighting in Iraq. Also, the Bush administration announces a proposal for hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars to go to Mexico to fight the drug cartels.

  • Did Texas Execute Innocent Men?

    Episode Number: 229

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Reports examines the cases of two convicted murderers in Texas who were sentenced to death after they were identified by eyewitnesses at trial. Those identifications are now in doubt years after the men were executed. Also, a look at the latest in aviation--very light jets.

  • The Prime Minister in Exile

    Episode Number: 228 - V2

    Synopsis: Dan Rather interviewed Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto before she departed for Pakistan last fall. This updated version includes a new introduction, including commentary about Bhutto's recent assassination.

  • The Prime Minister in Exile

    Episode Number: 228

    Synopsis: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is attempting to return to her homeland after years in exile. She's backed by the Bush administration, which is trying to keep the government of America's key ally from collapsing. Also, a rare and candid interview with the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Plus story updates.

  • The Trouble with Touch Screens

    Episode Number: 227

    Synopsis: An investigation into the voting machine industry that reveals problems with the latest touch screen technology.

  • The State of the News

    Episode Number: 226

    Synopsis: A roundtable discussion with HDNet Global Correspondent Dan Rather and network veteran anchor Ted Koppel on the state of broadcast journalism. The program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Military Justice

    Episode Number: 225

    Synopsis: A US Marine received word on the fate of his court martial for murdering Iraqi civilians. And a remembrance of Lady Bird Johnson.

  • The Most Wanted Man in Iran

    Episode Number: 224

    Synopsis: A young Iranian rebel and his band of guerillas are terrorizing the Iranian government. Is he backed by the CIA? Also, whistleblowers say Boeing airplanes have parts that are "bashed to fit" and unsafe to fly. And, Barack Obama is raising more money than any presidential candidate. See how he does it.

  • The Constitution in Question

    Episode Number: 223

    Synopsis: A panel of legal thinkers debate the different views of executive power and the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9/11.

  • The Constitution in Question

    Episode Number: 223

    Synopsis: A panel of legal thinkers debate the different views of executive power and the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9/11.

  • Going Behind the Mask

    Episode Number: 222

    Synopsis: There is a mysterious masked man who speaks for the poor and dispossessed of Mexico who are the descendants of an ancient empire. And he has a message he thinks Americans need to hear. And what if you could hail an airplane like you hailed a taxi? A new group of jets are on the horizon that may revolutionize air travel, but can they return the romance of flight?

  • West Point at War

    Episode Number: 221

    Synopsis: Cadets learn about "duty, honor, and country" while preparing to lead troops in a hostile world.

  • A Question of Rights

    Episode Number: 220

    Synopsis: Is the Justice Department's Civil Rights division no longer enforcing anti-discrimination laws? That's the allegation of some former career attorneys with the agency, who also say they were moved out because they didn't follow the current administration's conservative mantra.

  • Where Are the Bees?

    Episode Number: 219

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Reports learns of amazing new discoveries scientists and the government are making in the quest for why bees are dying. Also, more on the story of formaldehyde gas in trailers provided to hurricane victims. And, immigrants talk about what new legislation pending in congress would mean to them.

  • Green Scare

    Episode Number: 218

    Synopsis: Some Muslims and Arab Americans complain this country is returning to the McCarthy era and the red scare.

  • Civilians at War

    Episode Number: 217

    Synopsis: Tens of thousands of American citizens are serving their country in Iraq as civilian contractors. They are the untold story of the war with hundreds killed and wounded. Also, why aren't there more African Americans playing major league baseball, and on the anniversary of the Kent State shooting, a professor who witnessed the event and now teaches about it.

  • Toxic Trailers

    Episode Number: 216

    Synopsis: Some of the thousands of people along the Gulf Coast still living in travel trailers say formaldehyde used to build the campers is making them sick. Also, take a ride on the straight talk express as Dan Rather sits down with Republican presidential hopeful John Mc Cain.

  • Exodus

    Episode Number: 215

    Synopsis: Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are fleeing their country to Syria in search of safety. But that's not their final stop. Many are being smuggled to Europe and beyond.

  • Virginia Tech, Corey Booker

    Episode Number: 214

    Synopsis: Dan Rather hosts coverage of the Virginia Tech killings from Blacksburg, Virginia. Also, Corey Booker, Newark, New Jersey's 37-year-old Mayor and his mission to change the image of the city.

  • Made in China

    Episode Number: 213

    Synopsis: For national security reasons, everything the military uses, from bombs to berets has, since World War II, been made in the USA. But now there's a move to outsource the manufacture of military hardware to countries such as China and Russia. Plus, he's being called "America's Mayor". A look at how Rudy Giuliani ran New York City before 9-11. And, dramatic rescues at sea from U.S. Coast Guard choppers.

  • New Rules of the Game

    Episode Number: 212

    Synopsis: Democrats campaigned to end the culture of corruption in Washington, as well as limit or end lobbyists access to lawmakers. But so far it's been more talk than action with the influence industry as cozy as ever with lawmakers. Also, what's killing the coral in the Florida Keys?

  • Cooking with Clones

    Episode Number: 211

    Synopsis: It all began with Dolly the sheep, but coming soon to a supermarket near you: cloned beef. And if the Food and Drug Administration has its way, it won't be labeled. Also, Pakistan: what are Americans getting for the billions of taxpayer dollars sent to the military dictator Pervez Musharraf? With the resurgence of the Taliban in Pakistan, some in Congress are asking questions.

  • Afghanistan: The Problem with Poppies

    Episode Number: 210

    Synopsis: Dan Rather travels to the wild frontier of Afghanistan where massive drug production is threatening to turn the country into a narco-state. The money coming from heroin production is funding a resurgence of the Taliban and terrorism.

  • Latino Invasions

    Episode Number: 209

    Synopsis: For anyone caught entering the United States illegally, there's a new reality. Detention Centers. The Bush administration has stopped the long accepted practice of "catch and release" for illegal immigrants and is instead locking them up. While the government tries to slow the influx, there's no stopping the flood of Latino culture that is exploding on the American scene, from television and movies to some of the most popular new music. A special town hall meeting live from Austin, Texas.

  • Combat Photographer

    Episode Number: 208

    Synopsis: The story of U.S. Marine Chief Warrant Officer Sean Fairburn, who videotaped America's invasion of Iraq in high-definition. His pictures will not only tell the story of the invasion, but what it's like to be in combat, as only high-definition can provide.

  • Race To The White House - Talking Politics At Princeton University

    Episode Number: 207

    Synopsis: Live from Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, Dan Rather hosts a town hall meeting looking at the race to the White House that's still 20 months away, but in full swing for more than a dozen candidates.

  • Medical Marijuana

    Episode Number: 206

    Synopsis: Possession of marijuana could lead to jail time. But medical researchers are learning that it may also lead to significant advances in medicine. Dan Rather Reports investigates important new information on the plant that some researchers are calling the "aspirin of the 21st century".

  • Hamid Karzai Interview, Border Wars Update

    Episode Number: 205

    Synopsis: Dan Rather travels to Afghanistan for an exclusive interview with President Hamid Karzai on the resurgence of the Taliban fighters who promise a bloody spring offensive to topple the government. Also, an update on "Border Wars". Newly elected Mexican President Calderon is sending thousands of troops to take on the drug cartels who have all but taken over some Mexican towns.

  • The Heroes are Dying

    Episode Number: 204

    Synopsis: A look at how 9-11 is still affecting the first responders; many of the police and firefighters who spent weeks atop the toxic pile that was the World Trade Center are sick and dying from lung diseases.

  • The Future of Ford

    Episode Number: 203

    Synopsis: Once the icon of American industry, Ford Motor Company finds itself falling fast in the eyes of consumers who are flocking to imports. The company has been forced to lay off thousands of workers as car building moves to cheaper foreign plants.

  • General John Batiste, Fallen Hero, Elite Search and Rescue

    Episode Number: 202

    Synopsis: Dan Rather interviews former General John Batiste about President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq; a family pays tribute to a fallen hero; and dramatic footage from Mt. Hood with an elite search and rescue team.

  • The Bush Legacy

    Episode Number: 201

    Synopsis: A talk with noted historians about the Presidency of George W. Bush and how he will be viewed against others who've sat in the Oval Office.

  • Contractors or Carpetbaggers?

    Episode Number: 106

    Synopsis: Residents along the Gulf Coast say big, out-of-state companies are getting the bulk of the clean up contracts and that's costing taxpayers everywhere millions of dollars. Plus, a year of record profits on Wall Street leads to big-time bonuses like you won't believe.

  • Unwanted In America: The Shameful Side Of International Adoption

    Episode Number: 105

    Synopsis: Children adopted to the United States from overseas are being abandoned or re-homed to another family over the Internet.

  • Exxon Valdez

    Episode Number: 105

    Synopsis: Seventeen years after the tanker Exxon Valdez spilled millions of gallons of oil, some residents of Alaska say the oil is still there and still causing environmental damage. Also, close encounters with grizzly bears in the wilds of Montana.

  • Underground Sounds

    Episode Number: 104

    Synopsis: Are the music superstars of tomorrow playing right now on the platforms of New York City's subways?

  • Border War

    Episode Number: 104

    Synopsis: More Americans have been kidnapped in Mexican border towns than in Iraq. The drug cartels have all but taken over several of Mexico's northern border cities. Dan Rather Reports looks at the growing violence that's just next door.

  • Crisis Inside The Secret Service

    Episode Number: 103

    Synopsis: After security lapses at the White House, an examination of what's gone wrong inside the agency in charge of protecting the President.

  • Survivors of the Storms

    Episode Number: 103

    Synopsis: Dan Rather Reports talks to a former FEMA worker who was convicted of accepting a bribe from a government contractor. And the impact of the big storms that hit the gulf coast a year ago were felt far beyond New Orleans. Rebuilding without federal help, down on the bayou.

  • Range War

    Episode Number: 102

    Synopsis: Conservationists and Native Americans dream of restoring wild buffalo to the prairies of Montana, but tensions are rising as cattle ranchers fight back.

  • The Best Congress Money Can Buy

    Episode Number: 102

    Synopsis: Who's really running Washington? Lobbying in the nation's capital has grown into a billion dollar industry. Dan Rather Reports investigates the "shadow government".

  • One Way Ticket To Nowhere: America's Mental Healthcare Crisis

    Episode Number: 101

    Synopsis: An investigation into what happened at a psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas that is accused of discharging hundreds of mental patients early and buying them a one-way bus ticket out of town in what's called "Greyhound Therapy".

  • Coming Home

    Episode Number: 101

    Synopsis: It's been said that war changes everything. On Dan Rather Reports, a look at American soldiers returning from conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and how their lives are forever changed. For the wounded, advances in technology have saved thousands of lives, but is the government prepared for the long term cost of treating returning vets?

  • Episode Number:

    Synopsis: An eyewitness to history, Dan Rather remembers the dark days in Dallas 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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