@AXSLive – Watch The Throne: Jay-Z versus Kanye West


Jay-Z and Kanye West have combined forces in producing, recording and even teamed for their “Watch The Throne” album and tour. On their own, both hip hop heavyweights have won numerous awards, topped charts, created brands and need only their first name to be known. Jay-Z & Beyonce are royalty; and now Kanye has joined the Kardashian clan. @AXSLive’s soundboard discusses, Jay-Z or Kanye: who runs this town?

The Soundboard debates Jay-Z or Kanye Thursday on an All New @AXSLive, watch it LIVE at 11p ET on AXS TV. We want your thoughts, follow @AXSLive on Twitter and keep an eye out for you chance to win great prizes!

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