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A Guide to All the A Year in Music Hosts

We’ve put together a guide to all the A Year in Music hosts and why we chose them to lead this hit show!

A Year in Music is coming to AXS TV on July 7th! With guest hosts Tommy Chong, Don Felder, Downtown Julie Brown, and Matt Pinfield, A Year in Music promises personal stories and comedic moments along with discussion of some of the top music! Here is your guide to all the hosts appearing this season!


Tommy Chong

This comedy genius will bring his own comedic twist to A Year in Music. This former “Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers” guitarist is very knowledgeable about the music industry itself along with the lifestyle of musicians, which makes him the perfect candidate to host A Year in Music.

Don Felder

Another guitarist here! This songwriter, music producer, and musician is best known for his role as lead guitarist in the iconic rock band, Eagles. Don is a self-taught musician who was a part of many smaller bands before he made it big with Eagles. Don will bring original insight into what it takes for bands to work their way to the top and offers a musician’s perspective along with a producer’s perspective.

Downtown Julie Brown

Speaking of sharing her voice with the world, Ann released her solo This British TV personality is known for being an actress, Sirius XM DJ, and a former Club MTV host! You may also know her as one of the hosts from AXS TV’s 80s In The Sand. From her experience as a Club MTV host, Julie is well-versed in top music from back in the day, and she will bring her music expert opinion to A Year in Music!

Matt Pinfield

We’ve got another MTV veteran on our host roster! Matt has a long career in music that includes being a music director, MTV host, Radio DJ, TV personality, and author. Pinfield has done many things within the music industry and formed many personal relationships with music legends over the years. Pinfield will bring an interesting and personal twist to A Year in Music!

Tune in to the SERIES PREMIERE on AXS TV Sunday, July 7th at 9/8c to watch A Year in Music!

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