We Explore The Most Pivotal Year in Pop Music: 1966

With the Release of Three of the Biggest Albums EVER, 1966 Was a Huge Year for Music

It’s inarguable that the 1960s were a time of change. Baby Boomers were coming of age, polished old-school styles were making their final stand, and musical creativity collapsed the conservative status quo. This week on A Year in Music, Matt Pinfield will help guide us through the year and it’s monumental events including the birth of the concept album, the LP becoming the new industry standard, the rise of American folk music, and the three biggest albums of the year: Revolver, Pet Sounds, and Blonde on Blonde. While The Beatles were experimenting with psychedelics and implementing obscure Indian instruments and backwards guitar riffs into Revolver, The Beach Boys were breaking molds with technical production on Pet Sounds, and Bob Dylan was still recording with all musicians in the same room to create Blonde on Blonde. Get a sneak peek of this Sunday’s episode above, and learn more about the historical events and the music that changed the world on A Year In Music: 1966 this SUNDAY at 9/8c!


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