The Most Important Album of 1973 | A Year in Music

How Pink Floyd Broke Barriers & Records with “Dark Side of the Moon”

In the 60s we were focused on the Space Race, in the 70s, musicians were using that technology to record incredible albums with sounds we’ve never heard before. One example is Pink Floyd and their masterpiece, Dark Side of the Moon. After the invention of the very first cell phone and video games in 1973, Pink Floyd utilized some of the same mechanics to create their iconic album. The synthesizer was used to produce the iconic heartbeat at the beginning and very end of the album, David Gilmour added in pedals and effects for his guitars, and Nick Mason, used electronic drums set at specific frequencies. They then added in an abundance of sound effects that were mixed in to create complicated compositions and layered multi-tracked harmonies to complete the signature haunting sound. They took full advantage of the state-of-the-art 16 track soundboard at Abbey Road Studios and it paid off. After its release on March 1st, this album spent 17 years on the charts. Learn more about the album with the sneak peek above, then set your DVR for the full episode of A Year in Music this SUNDAY at 9/8c on AXS TV!


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