AXS TV’s 1985 Snapshot

Springsteen, Madonna, and way before Nirvana: Let’s look back to 19, 19, 1985!

Sunday on A Year in Music, we look back at the year 1985. To truly understand the music of the year it is important to look at what was going on in the world at the time. As they say, “music is a reflection of the society that makes it”. So let us reflect upon the year that was 1985, then set your DVR for the SEASON FINALE of A Year in Music this SUNDAY at 9/8c on AXS TV!

In the News

  • The Live Aid concert takes place in Wembley Stadium in London & JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
  • David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen to begin a solo career.
  • Wham! becomes the first Western pop group to perform in China in Beijing’s Workers Stadium.
  • The first Farm Aid is held in Champaign, Illinois
  • Coca-Cola introduced “New Coke” and is considered to be the worst marketing stunt failure in history.

On the Radio

  • “We Are the World” – U.S.A. for Africa
  • “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears
  • “Saving All My Love” – Whitney Houston
  • “Take On Me” – a-ha
  • “Raspberry Beret” – Prince

In Theaters

  • Back to the Future
  • Rocky IV
  • The Color Purple
  • The Goonies
  • The Breakfast Club


  • Growing Pains
  • Moonlighting
  • Dynasty
  • 227
  • The Golden Girls



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