10 Gifts for Every Music Lover on Your List

Holiday shopping can be the most stressful time of the year, let us help!

Finding the perfect gift is an art form. Researching, browsing the internet, and finally making the purchase can take hours, but don’t worry this year we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled the perfect list of gifts to suit any audiophile, music enthusiast, or musician that you’re buying for this season.

The 80s Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

The perfect mix of 80s throwback and conversation starter, these coasters are perfect for any entertainer and will get any party started. Each one features a common misheard lyric from some of the most iconic hits from the 80s. The manufacturer, Bright Beam Goods, also make Classic Rock, 90s, Country, and NSFW versions of more mistaken lyrics. Get ready to “rock the cat spa”! Purchase for $25 from Amazon.

Fluance RT82 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

This one is for the purist on your list, the one that knows that the best way to listen to music is on vinyl. Now, they can listen in style with this absolutely stunning turntable. The Fluance RT82 boasts spectacular signal clarity, precision playback with motor isolation and speed control, and an Ortofon OM 10 Cartridge for exceptional musical accuracy. All of that is just fancy talk for this sounds and looks absolutely incredible. Purchase for $299.99 at Amazon.

Turntable Cheese Board

If they already have turntable, why not get them a Turntable Cheese Board? Play (fr)homage to vinyl with this party platter. Lift the “needle” and you’ll even find a hidden cheese slicer. Serve with some tasty tunes and you’ve got all the ingredients for the most rockin’ dinner party around. Purchase for $79 from UncommonGoods.

Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks

Everyone knows that music is all about the experience. Why not enhance it with a specialty mixed drink made to pair perfectly with your music selection? This book guides you through 70 groundbreaking albums from the 1930s all the way to the 2000s with a drink recipe for each side of each album. BONUS – it also includes a few extra small plate recipes for when you want music AND munchies. Purchase for $19.80 at Amazon.

Guitar Pick Punch

Every guitar player knows you can NEVER have enough guitar picks. This punch can turn just about anything you own into an extra pick. That expired license? Perfect. The gift card you’ve had sitting in your wallet from three years ago? You’re not going to spend it anyway! That outdated gym membership card? You can finally make use out of it! Keep the Pick Punch┬« on hand and you’ll never get caught pick-less again. Purchase for $25 from Uncommon Goods.

Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer

This is the perfect gift for the friend that you attend just about every concert with. Stop letting your ticket stubs collect dust in that shoebox, preserve them and put them on full display on your coffee table! This three ring round book features slots for all of your ticket stubs alongside an area to write down all of your favorite moments from each event… that is if you can remember them. Purchase for $6.69 from Amazon.

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones

A good pair of headphones is absolutely necessary for any music lover. These from Shure deliver “superior acoustic performance for an expansive soundstage with clear, extended highs and warm bass” and are made to be extra comfy on the ears. They’re perfect for any long day at the office or when you need to block out that crying baby during your flight. Purchase for $399 from Amazon.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes the best concerts are when you’re home alone and singing along to every part of a song in the shower… yes, including the guitar solos. Make sure your music lover can rock out properly with one of the best waterproof speakers out there. This wireless speaker from JBL features Bluetooth, up to 12 hours fo playtime on a rechargeable battery, and can be completely submerged in water. It’s perfect for the bathroom, the pool, the ocean, ANYTHING and even comes in six different colors. Purchase for $79.95 from Amazon.

Guitar Ice Cube Tray

When we say we’ll have our drink on the rocks, we REALLY mean that we want it to rock. Take your home mini-bar to the next level with these ice cube trays that turn your ice into mini guitars. Not only do they keep your drink chilled, they double as a drink stirrer making it perfect for all of your mixed cocktails. Purchase for $7.99 from Amazon.

The Immersive Audiophile Pod

This is the gift for the person that you love $32,000 worth. This incredible pod has five speakers built in that completely surround you with sound. It also includes an iPad built in for you to browse every song known to man or casually surf the web while lounging in luxurious sound. Crafted by hand in Cologne, Germany, the pod has an aniline-dyed leather exterior, plush microfiber upholstery, and a stainless steel base that rotates the pod up to 350┬░. Purchase for $32,000 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

What will you be adding onto your wishlist or buying for a friend?

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