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Nashville is coming to AXS TV beginning Saturday, September 26th! Before you jump right into it, let us introduce you to the cast….

Rayna Jaymes

– Played by Connie Britton


Music legend Rayna Jaymes reigns as the Queen of Country, but after two decades, her grip on the throne is slipping. Rayna refuses to be steamrolled by her record label as they present a new arrangement. And in the face of an evolving industry, Rayna is struggling to adapt and reinvent herself, which she must do if she plans to stay relevant.

Juliette Barnes

– Played by Hayden Panettiere

Juliette Barnes

Juliette Barnes is sexy, sassy, and trails trouble in her wake— she’s also the country’s #1 crossover artist. In her climb to the top, Juliette’s public image is threatened by circumstances she struggles to control. And while she is determined to sit on Rayna’s throne, Juliette refuses to deal with her difficult past.

Deacon Claybourne

– Played by Charles Esten

Deacon Claybourne

It’s hard to imagine Rayna Jaymes on stage without Deacon at her side. Twenty years ago the two teamed up as songwriters. She became a star and he became her band leader. At that time, they were also a romantic couple but there’s a reason that Rayna and Deacon couldn’t stay together: Deacon’s alcoholism made a stable relationship impossible.

Scarlett O’Connor

– Played by Clare Bowen

Scarlett O'Connor

Scarlett grew up on a farm near Natchez. Miss., never dreaming she’d become a performer like her uncle Deacon. She instead gravitated toward poetry, and her love of writing earned her a scholarship to college, where she met her then boyfriend Avery.

Avery Barkley

– Played by Jonathan Jackson


Avery Barkley, a struggling alt-country musician, can’t help but feel left behind when his girlfriend Scarlett’s songs have a chance to find an audience before his own.

Gunnar Scott

– Played by Sam Palladio

Gunnar Scott

Gunnar’s wide-Texas grin says it all. But don’t let his aw-shucks demeanor fool you: behind those pearly whites is a mountain of talent, ambition and charm. Gunnar finds a musical soulmate in Scarlett, coming in between her relationship with Avery.

Teddy Conrad

– Played by Eric Close


Teddy Conrad is husband to Queen of country music, Rayna Jaymes. After pressure from Lamar (Rayna’s father) and Rayna’s sister, Tandy, Teddy Conrad begins a push to become mayor of Nashville. This marks an opportunity to share the spotlight with his wife instead of continuing to be the man behind the woman.

Lamar Wyatt

– Played by Powers Boothe

Lamar Wyatt

Lamar Wyatt, father to Rayna Jaymes, is one of Nashville’s most influential businessman. Lamar and his superstar daughter have a strained relationship that is defined by years of resentment and secrets. Consequently, it makes life much more complicated for Rayna than what is observed by her devoted fans.

Coleman Carlisle

– Played by Robert Wisdom

Coleman Carlisle

Coleman Carlisle is a politician and the current Deputy Mayor of Nashville. Coleman’s biggest backer has always been Lamar Wyatt until their relationship was severed by differing opinions on building a new baseball stadium.

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