The Truth Behind the Death of Sid Vicious | Final 24

Was it suicide? Or was it murder?

Sid Vicious led a punk rebellion as a member of the Sex Pistols. He was an iconic musician, but was also a suspected murderer and heroin addict. He went to prison after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen in 1978, and for assaulting Todd Smith, brother of Patti Smith, at a nightclub. But on February 1st, 1979, Vicious was released from painful and enforced drug rehabilitation program at Rikers Prison in New York City. Fresh off his release, Vicious went out to celebrate his freedom. His friends gathered together and despite being drug-free for a while, he was hell-bent on self destruction and ingested a massive amount of heroin. He was discovered dead the next morning by his mother at only 21 years old. His mom initially claimed Vicious and his girlfriend Spungen had made a suicide pact. However, she allegedly also told journalist Alan G. Parker that she had purposely administered a fatal dose of heroin to vicious because she was afraid he would go back to prison. What is the truth? We investigate on Final 24. Don’t miss the series’ AXS TV debut on Wednesday, June 3rd.

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