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IMPACT! Wrestling Turns Back the Clock

We take a journey to a different time when IPWF once existed.

While Elon Musk introduces a future where his Cybertruck roams the 21st century world, IMPACT Wrestling jumps into the DeLorean and takes us to a different time where a little regional wrestling company showcased professional wrestling’s biggest and baddest. This was the Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation. This was the IPWF!

Legendary stars such as Downtown Daddy Brown, Rip Rayzor, Rapid Delivery Pete, Excessive Force, and of course the International Commonwealth Television Champion, Julian Cumberbun with Sonny Sanders, will all be present for this monumental throwback episode of IMPACT Wrestling. In case you needed anymore of a reason to tune in, a Body Slam Challenge and a blindfold match will also go down!

Join us Tuesday night, November 26th at 8/7c when Impact Wrestling puts on its Zubaz and satin bomber jacket and heads down to the ring on AXS TV.


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