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Music’s Biggest Stars Speak Out About George Floyd

  • Hip Hop mogul Jay Z and his activist group Team ROC took out full page ads in newspapers around the country dedicated to George Floyd
  • Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker joined the protests in LA fighting racial inequality
  • R&B star The Weeknd took it up a notch, by donating a half a million dollars to organizations working for racial equality
  • LL Cool J, Gary Clark Jr, Sammy Hagar and many others took to their personal platforms to speak out

The amazingly talented guitarist Bob Kulick sadly passed away at the age of 70

  • Bob recorded and toured with artists such as KISS, Lou Reed and Meat Loaf
  • His brother (and former KISS guitarist) Bruce Kulick confirmed his death on May 28th

Dropkick Murphy’s knocked it outta the park

  • The band raised over $700,000 for charities
  • The bands FREE online concert, Streaming Outta Fenway, marked the first-ever music event without an in person audience at a major US music venue and that venue just happened to be Boston’s Fenway park
  • Bruce Springsteen even remotely joined the band for 2 songs

Are you ready for some dreamy pop music? Joy Downer’s new album Paper Moon is officially out

  • The album’s title track came with an all new music video
  • Paper Moon is the actually the second music video supporting the album, the song Plastic Wrap, also comes with a music video directed by Darren LeGallo
  • If you grab the album on its release day at 100% of the proceeds will go to BlackLivesMatterLA

Killer Mike keeps on giving

  • Killer Mike has become known as a social activist
  • Earlier this week, he delivered an emotional speech to protestors in Atlanta
  • In light of the ongoing protests against police brutality, Killer Mikes’ rap act, Run the Jewels, released their new record 2 days early
  • The album is free to download but fans have the option to donate to The Mass Defense Committee

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