Behind the Scenes of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour

We sat down with the executive producer of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour

What was it really like to work with the Prince of Darkness? The show’s executive producer, Greg Johnston, gave us a little look at the madness that actually goes on behind the scenes. From being terrified of spiders to finding real gold to almost getting banned from Mt. Rushmore, check out what he had to say before we head to North Dakota for this week’s episode of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour Thursday night starting at 9/8c!

Jack insisted on driving

Unlike other television shows with celebrities, Jack insisted on doing all the driving. He wanted the experience to be genuine between him and his Dad. Some of the best moments happened in the car as we had mounted cameras and had mics on them. They could be themselves and hopefully forget they were on-camera and we could capture spontaneous moments. On one such occasion in a future episode, Ozzy couldn’t find his glasses and started to freak out, only to be reminded by Jack that his glasses were on his head! Ozzy and all of us cracked up!

The Osbournes picked every destination

All the places on our adventures with Ozzy and Jack were picked by them. These are places they’ve always wanted to go, but never had a chance. Even though Ozzy tours around the country and world, he never has a chance to actually take days off to tour various sites…or as he once told me…he may have been a little inebriated back in the day and might not have remembered it….hahaha…Now Jack and Ozzy are sober and they can actually enjoy the sites they missed!

Every visit had to be kept a secret

With every location, we tried to keep it a secret that Ozzy was going to be there. We just told people it was a celebrity and his son. We had to reveal it was Ozzy to a few folks or they figured it out…in those cases, we’d have folks swear to secrecy as we wanted these trips to be intimate father/son excursions without fans and crowds… if word got out that Ozzy was going to be somewhere…there would be hundreds of people waiting and it would ruin the vibe. We wanted them to be able to experience as normal an experience as any other Father and son out on the open road together. Word got out on a radio station in Rapid City and all of sudden we had people camping outside of our hotel. We’d have to sneak Ozzy out the back.

Ozzy is scared of spiders

One of my favorite moments in the series was at the Historic Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was a small moment but real and hilarious. Ozzy texted Jack in the middle of the night informing him of a huge spider that had woken him up next to this bed! You can’t make this stuff up!

Ozzy REALLY found gold… and loved it!

One of Ozzy’s favorite experiences was panning for gold with “Rattlesnake” Randy. But he didn’t start off loving it. It was cold that morning and Ozzy really didn’t want to get wet. Also he had low expectations….didn’t think we’d find shit. Also you never know how Ozzy’s going to get along with some of the characters we encounter…but he loved “Rattlesnake” Randy. But usually the more eccentric the character, the more Ozzy tended to love them. Ozzy found actual gold and it turned out to one of the highlights of the trip. He loved it!

Crazy Horse was a highlight

Visiting the Crazy Horse monument was an unexpected highlight. They allowed us to drive right up to Crazy Horse’s head which stands over 87 feet tall…and see up-close the work that was being done on this historic monument. It was huge and amazing! Much respect to the Lakota nation!

Park Staff almost didn’t let them film at Mt. Rushmore

We almost weren’t permitted to shoot at Mt. Rushmore. Apparently there was a film crew there 6 months before us that didn’t obey the rules and pissed the park staff off. Also when some locations learn that it’s Ozzy, they either love us or get concerned. Usually they’re fans and get excited, but sometimes they get worried as they’ve only heard all the crazy stories of Ozzy back in the day…not knowing that he’s now sober, a grandfather and a super nice guy. He’s one of the most gracious people I’ve ever worked with…and I’ve known and worked with him and the Osbourne family for over 18 years!

Ozzy is also scared of helicopters

Ozzy was terrified of helicopters…he wasn’t acting in any of that footage from this episode. We didn’t know how terrified he was of helicopters before we planned the trip. We thought we might need to cancel the helicopter tour which had been booked. While there, we had to get the flight records and background info on all the pilots to present to Sharon and Ozzy so that Ozzy would feel safe and comfortable flying on our last day of filming. And it was spectacular to get an aerial view of Mt Rushmore!

Don’t miss the incredible North Dakota adventure and tune in TONIGHT at 9/8c on AXS TV!

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