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Music isn’t just something that Dad does for a living, it’s a family business! Eddie and Laurie’s five children each have a hand in the music industry. The Moneys’ daughter, Jesse, and sons’ Dez and Julian, each join their father onstage as members of his band. Son Joe opts for a different music genre as a dubstep producer, and the eldest Money child, Zach, helps to run the family business.

Dez Money - Real Money on AXS TV

Dez Money

Dez Money is a part of the family band: He joins his rock star father out on stage night in and night out as his guitarist. He’s also a singer-songwriter and frontman in his own band. Playing alongside him in his band is his brother Julian on drums, and sister Jesse on background vocals.

Jesse Money - Real Money on AXS TV

Jesse Money

Jesse Money is Eddie and Laurie Money’s only daughter. She’s a singer who performs beside her rock star father, as well as in her brother Dez’s band. As she says, “I was born and raised as a rock star’s daughter and continuing the legacy by doing it myself.”

Zach Money - Real Money on AXS TV

Zach Money

Eddie Money doesn’t have to go too far to get a good workout in. His oldest son, Zach Money, specializes in fitness and is Eddie’s personal trainer. Besides making sure his family stays in shape, Zach also uses his analytical side of his brain to maintain the family business.

Joe Money - Real Money on AXS TV

Joe Money

Classic rock isn’t the only music played around the Money household. Joe Money keeps the family dancing as a dubstep producer. Oh, and did we mention he does a killer impression of his father?

Julian Money - Real Money on AXS TV

Julian Money

Meet the man who keeps the beat going in the family… Julian Money is the drummer in both his father’s and brother’s band. He credits his rock star father for his impressive musicianship, calling him a “huge inspiration.”

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