Our Top 5 Favorite Moments from Season One of Real Money

Did someone say peanut butter chicken stew?

The Money family is back! Get excited about season two of Real Money by reliving some of the most hilarious moments from season one.

#5. Jury Duty

Eddie is disappointed that he was not selected to be a juror on a high-profile murder case.

#4. Touch Your Toes

Zach gives Eddie some tips for getting in shape before the Loud Wire awards in 2017.

#3. What Did You Do, Jesse?!

Eddie comes home to find Jesse has crashed her fifth car. Way to go, Janis Joplin.

#2. Horses and Highways

Eddie is less than thrilled to go horseback riding with the family after he recalls his last experience of himself on horseback.

#1. Peanut Butter Chicken Stew

Some of you may not know, but Eddie Money loves to cook. He may not be Rachel Ray, but he knows how to make a mean stew.

Season two of Real Money premieres on Sunday, May 5th at 8:30/7:30c on AXS TV!

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Real Money Sundays at 8:30/7:30c
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