Run-DMC & Aretha Franklin | Rock Legends June 24th

Here’s to the King of Rock and the Queen of Soul!

This Sunday, catch the premiere of Run-DMC & Aretha Franklin on Rock Legends! Run-DMC is a Grammy®-nominated hip-hop trio from Queens, New York. Founded in 1981, they are considered among the most influential artists in hip-hop and helped usher in the genre’s increasing popularity in the 1980s. Run-DMC was the first hip-hop group to go platinum and double-platinum, securing them a spot in music history!

Then, we explore the life and career of Aretha Franklin. This multiple Grammy® winner is also known as the reigning and undisputed “Queen of Soul.” Franklin has created an amazing legacy that spans an incredible six decades, from her first recording as a teenage gospel star to her current RCA Records release. She was even the recipient of the U.S.A.’s highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal Of Freedom!

Learn all about both of these true rock legends starting this Sunday, starting at 8/7c.

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