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The Top 5 Sammy Hagar Songs

From tracks with Van Halen to hits off of his solo albums, Sammy knows how to ROCK!

It’s clear that we love Sammy Hagar around here. With a long catalog of hits from Montrose, Van Halen, and his solo albums, there are almost too many songs to try and pick a favorite, so that’s why we’re picking five! Season four of Rock & Roll Road Trip begins on May 5th, but before we embark on our trip, let’s take a moment to listen to some of our favorite songs from The Red Rocker himself!

#5. “Heavy Metal”

Heavy Metal Sammy Hagar is one of our favorite Sammy Hagars. This hit came off of 1981’s Standing Hampton, and while it might not quite be metal, it does have some heavy kick-ass riffs and a chorus we can’t resist but shout along to.

#4. “Bad Motor Scooter”

Before going solo, Sammy was the lead singer of the band Montrose. In 1973, they released their debut self-titled album, featuring the very first song that Hagar ever wrote, the influential hard-rock masterpiece, “Bad Motor Scooter”. In fact, it made such an impact, five years later, Van Halen chose the same producer and engineer who worked on ‘Montrose’ to produce their debut album with Roth because they loved the sound of this album so much.

#3. “Mas Tequila”

In this song, Hagar sings about a trip to Baja, Mexico, where he has some good times while enjoying some shots of his favorite beverage – his “Vitamin T”. This song may be #3 on this list, but it’s #1 on our party song playlist.

#2. “There’s Only One Way to Rock”

You know this song is good because even though it’s from Sammy’s solo days, it got worked into nearly every single Van Hagar concert… along with a killer guitar battle between Hagar and Eddie Van Halen.

#1. “I Can’t Drive 55”

While some rock stars were concerned about the environment or civil rights, Hagar was upset with the lowering of highway speed limits. Receiving a speeding ticket was the inspiration behind this mega-hit from 1984’s VOA. Also, years later when the speed limit was increased in many parts of the country, Hagar was given the honor of changing the first speed limit sign.

The new season of Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar begins Sunday, May 5th!

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