One Metalhead, One Jazz Aficionado, One EPIC Night!

We’re bringing you three new premieres for one rockin’ Sunday Night!

From exclusive chats and jam sessions with Paul Shaffer and Donald Fagen to reminiscing on the early days of Metallica with Lars Ulrich and Brian Johnson, this Sunday will definitely ROCK! Join us for premieres of Paul Shaffer Plus One and Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road, PLUS a new episode of The Top Ten Revealed and a concert from Metallica! Check out the full lineup and a sneak peek of each show below!


The Steely Dan frontman shows us how he wrote one of the band’s biggest hits

At age 11, Donald Fagen’s life was changed when he attended Newport Jazz Festival. In his own words, he became a “jazz snob”, learned to play the piano and the baritone horn. In college, he met Walter Becker at a coffee house and after a couple failed groups, they formed Steely Dan in the summer of 1970. This week on Paul Shaffer Plus One, Donald Fagen is joining Paul Shaffer to talk about his relationship with Becker, his songwriting process, and even share a few secrets behind their hit, “Reelin’ in the Years”. Get a sneak peek of the performance above and check out the full episode of Paul Shaffer Plus One this Sunday at 8/7c on AXS TV!


What’s your definition of an “EPIC” song?

Let’s go back 49 years to 1970. The NFL was formed, Gunsmoke was on television, M*A*S*H was in theaters across the country, and a gallon of gas cost just $0.36. This is also the year Led Zeppelin released their third studio album, The Jackson 5 was just hitting the charts, and Free was conquering the airwaves with “All Right Now”. This Sunday on The Top Ten Revealed, we’re counting down through the most epic songs of 1970. These songs shaped a generation, created relationships and defined musical styles for years to come. Find out which Epic Songs of 70 make our list as rock experts like John 5, Jeff Pilson, Lita Ford, and more count us down! It all starts this Sunday at 8:30/7:30c!


Metallica’s co-founder and drummer reminisces about the good ol’ days that led the band to become rock & roll royalty

Surrounded by memorabilia from gigs played all around the world, Brian Johnson sits down with Metallica co-founder, Lars Ulrich, at Metallica’s HQ in San Francisco to trade stories about the glory days on the road. After releasing The Black Album in 1991, Metallica played about 300 shows over the next 2 years, cementing their reputation as one of the greatest live rock bands of all time. During the interview with Brian, Lars opened up about the influence that AC/DC had on them in the early stages of their career when he was just a teenager getting a taste of the rock & roll dream. He also reveals wild stories which involved everything from the death of their bassist while on the road, to James Hetfield getting burnt by fire on stage which led to riots in the streets after one of their shows. This unforgettable episode airs on October 13th at 9/8c.


This week’s lineup:

8/7c Paul Shaffer Plus One: Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen
8:30/7:30c The Top Ten Revealed: Epic Songs of ’70
9/8c Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road: Lars Ulrich
10/9c Metallica: Français Pour Une Nuit

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