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This Sunday We’ve Got the Blues, Pink Floyd, and Ten LIVE Albums!

We’re bringing you three new premieres for one rockin’ Sunday Night!

From exclusive chats and jam sessions with Paul Shaffer and Buddy Guy to reminiscing on the early days of Pink Floyd with Nick Mason and Brian Johnson, this Sunday will definitely ROCK! Join us for premieres of Paul Shaffer Plus One and Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road, PLUS a new episode of The Top Ten Revealed, and a concert from Motörhead! Check out the full lineup and a sneak peek of each show below!


Sometimes all you need to create a perfect song is one chord

We all have to start somewhere. Blues icon and guitar legend, Buddy Guy, started by learning one chord and one of John Lee Hooker’s classics “Boogie Chillen”. Hhe got hooked on the boogie track when he was young and even walked six miles to share the good news that he had found John Lee Hooker. In this Paul Shaffer Plus One sneak peek, Buddy Guy shares that hypnotic one chord that would make people “dance themselves to death” with Paul. Check out the full episode of Paul Shaffer Plus One this Sunday at 8/7c on AXS TV!


If you couldn’t see the show, at least there’s the live album

Live Albums can define a band, they can ease concert FOMO and in some cases, they can be better than the studio version. This Sunday on The Top Ten Revealed, we are ranking the best live albums that has kept the crowds rockin’ for years after the concert ended. Find out which LIVE ALBUMS make our list as rock experts Rikki Rockett, Dee Snider, and Steven Adler count us down! It all starts this Sunday at 8:30/7:30c!


How Nick Mason met Roger Waters because of a car

Back in 1964, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright were all training to be architects together at London Polytechnic at Regent Street. Waters knew that Nick had a car, granted it was just a “chummy” with a top speed of 20 miles per hour and no brakes, but he asked to borrow it anyway. Even though Mason told him no, the simple question somehow launched an incredible career for both of them. Hear more about the early days of Pink Floyd and more when Nick Mason sits down with Brian Johnson for A Life on the Road this Sunday, October 20th at 9/8c.


This week’s lineup:

8/7c Paul Shaffer Plus One: Buddy Guy
8:30/7:30c The Top Ten Revealed: Live Albums
9/8c Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road: Nick Mason
10/9c Motörhead: Clean Your Clock

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