The British are Coming to AXS TV this Sunday!

We’re bringing you three new premieres for one rockin’ Sunday Night!

From exclusive chats and jam sessions with Paul Shaffer and Sammy Hagar to reminiscing on the early days of The Who with Roger Daltrey and Brian Johnson, this Sunday will definitely ROCK! Join us for premieres of Paul Shaffer Plus One and Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road, PLUS a new episode of The Top Ten Revealed and a concert from The Who! Check out the full lineup and a sneak peek of each show below!


What was it like to live life on the road constantly fighting with The Who?

The Who was just a group of four completely different people with huge egos who would always get in fist fights. However, this is what made people listen. In this special sneak peek of Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road, Roger Daltrey talks about the pent up aggression behind the band and how it was like World War III every time they all stepped on stage together. Hear the secrets behind the guitar smashing, swinging microphones, and exploding drum kits above and set your DVR for the full episode Sunday, September 29th at 9/8c.


The British are coming! …And they’re bringing some incredible music.

The British Invasion was the definition of a cultural phenomenon. Innovative, groundbreaking and iconic, The British Invasion brought us bands that defined a generation and truly knew how to rock. Find out which memorable BRITISH INVASION bands make our list as rock experts like John 5, Lita Ford, Bob Eubanks, and more count us down on The Top Ten Revealed! It all starts this Sunday at 8:30/7:30c!


This is why Sammy’s voice is as great as it is!

It’s clear that Sammy Hagar has his own special sound, but who inspired him to create it? When he was a kid he listened to some of the greatest soul singers including Sly and the Family Stone, Wilson Pickett, Tower of Power, and James Brown and his first thought was, “I want to sing like that”. The most important person on that list of influences was the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, and of course, his exceptional signature scream. Hear more about his inspirations, how he feels about the resurgence in rock music, and his experiences in Montrose. Tune in to Paul Shaffer Plus One this Sunday at 8/7c on AXS TV!


This week’s lineup:

8/7c Paul Shaffer Plus One: Sammy Hagar
8:30/7:30c The Top Ten Revealed: British Invasion Bands
9/8c Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road: Roger Daltrey
10/9c The Who: Tommy – Live At The Royal Albert Hall

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