This Week in Music History | June 1 – 7

From R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to RHCP, here’s everything that went down this week in music history!

1967 – June 1st, The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in the UK.

  • The album was recorded over a 129-day period beginning in December 1966.
  • It was the first Beatles album where the track listings were exactly the same for the UK and US versions.
  • It’s sold over 32 million copies worldwide, making it the top-selling Beatles album.

1967 – June 3rd, Aretha Franklin went to #1 on the US singles chart with her version of the Otis Redding hit ‘Respect’.

  • The anthem was her first #1 hit and quickly became her signature song.
  • The song wasn’t specific to the civil rights movement or women, but the respect that all people deserve.
  • “As people, we deserve respect from one another.” – Aretha Franklin

1967 – June 3rd, The Doors ‘Light My Fire’ was released in the US.

  • It went on to be #1 on the singles chart two months later.
  • When booked on The Ed Sullivan Show the band asked to change the line “girl, we couldn’t get much higher.”
  • The band obliged, and did a rehearsal using the amended lyrics…
  • However, during the live performance, Jim Morrison sang the original lyric.
  • The band was informed they would never appear on the Ed Sullivan show again.

1972 – June 1st, The Eagles released their debut studio album.

  • The Eagles was an immediate success and produced three top 40 singles, including…
  • ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’, and an Elaine Benes favorite, ‘Witchy Woman’.
  • The album played a major role in popularizing the country rock sound.

1984 – June 4th, Bruce Springsteen released the album, Born In The USA.

  • It became the best-selling album of 1985 in the United States.
  • Born in The USA was Springsteen’s most successful album ever.
  • The album produced a record-tying string of seven Top 10 singles

2006 – June 3rd, Red Hot Chili Peppers were at #1 on the US and UK album charts with Stadium Arcadium.

  • The album was critically praised for integrating musical styles from several aspects of the band’s career.
  • It was nominated for seven Grammy® Awards in 2007 including an award for Best Rock Album.
  • It was the most nominations that the band had garnered in its 24-year career.

2008 – June 1st, A fire at Universal Studios Hollywood destroys thousands of master tapes.

  • UMG controls the tapes including recordings by Joni Mitchell, Elton John, B.B. King, and Nirvana.
  • The extent of the loss is not revealed until years later.

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