The Top Ten Moments of The X Factor UK on AXS TV

Before The X Factor UK returns with an all-new season this Fall, let’s look back at the best moments of seasons past!

Over the years on The X Factor UK, we believe that we have seen it all. We’ve been brought to tears, have laughed hysterically, and have been completely blown away by some incredible talent. From the moments that tug at your heartstrings to the unforgettable drama, let’s relive the best moments of the past few years before we dive into an all-new season this Fall!

#10. Andrea Faustini: Pug Life

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what we learned from meeting Andrea Faustini during our first season of airing The X Factor UK.

#9. Stevi Richie: Phantom of The X Factor

All season long, Stevi Richie hounded his mentor, Simon Cowell, to let him sing his favorite song from “Phantom of the Opera.” When he finally got his chance to fulfill his dreams, he left us all with a major case of the goosebumps.

#8. Beck Martin: Friday Night

This was the very first preview we received of season 13 and we STILL can’t get it out of our head. Plus, you catch a very rare glimpse of Simon Cowell unleashing his dance moves.

#7. Matt Terry: From Heartbreak to Heartthrob

The winner of season 13, Matt Terry, left us needing a drink of water after his very first audition. He not only won the season, but the title of the official X Factor heartthrob of 2016.

#6. Mason Noise: Simon Loses His Cool

You don’t insult Simon Cowell on his own TV show. Mason Noise unfortunately learned that lesson the hard way after his performance during the Six Chair Challenge.

#5. Bratavio: The Chicken Fight

Out of all the bizarre auditions we’ve seen, we have to say that this one takes the cake… or should we say, the chicken.

#4. Grace Davies: Falling For Grace

Season 14 was all about original songs. Grace Davies set the tone with this tear-jerking audition of her original song, “Roots.”

#3. Louisa Johnson: Louisa Steals the Show

We could have easily ended the competition after this absolutely AMAZING audition from Louisa Johnson, season 12’s winner. The rest of the season was simply just a formality.

#2. Rak-Su: Rak-Su Gets Spicy

Rak what? Rak-Su! They wrapped up an incredible year (and a victory) with one of the catchiest original songs to hit The X Factor stage. Good luck getting this one out of your head.

#1. Fleur East: Flur Funks Us Up

The first time you heard this mega hit wasn’t on the radio, it was on The X Factor UK. Our #1 spot goes to Fleur East and when she introduced the world to “Uptown Funk.”

Now that you’re all caught up on the most spectacular auditions and performances from our past seasons, get ready for the brand-new season of The X Factor UK premiering this Fall on AXS TV!

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