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Don’t miss our “Die Hard” Merrython featuring “Die Hard,” “Die Hard 2” & “Die Hard with a Vengeance” on December 24.


December 24 
8 ET | 5 PT 
10:20 ET | 7:20 PT 
12:30aET | 9:30pPT
Die Hard
Die Hard 2: Die Harder 
Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance

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“DIE HARD” – Hard Facts

The scene where McClane falls down a shaft was a mistake.
The stuntman slipped and fell, but the shot was used anyway.
In the scene where Bruce shoots through the table underneath the terrorist:
Extra-loud blanks were used during filming to achieve a more realistic effect for the actors. However, because of the proximity of the shots during this scene, Bruce Willis suffered permanent hearing loss in his left ear.
In the exterior shot from Nakatomi Plaza:
Nakatomi Plaza is actually the headquarters of 20th Century Fox, who made the movie. They charged themselves rent during filming.

“DIE HARD 2” – Hard Facts

In any airport shot:
AXS TV’s office now sit on the very spot of Stapleton Airport, where “Die Hard 2” was filmed. The airport’s last flight was in 1995, and it was later demolished.
The story behind John Leguizamo’s role:
Leguizamo’s part was initially supposed to be a much larger role. That changed once they realized how short he was, and his part was cut down, no pun intended.
The scene where McClane climbs the ladder from the service tunnels up onto the runway and then nearly gets run over by
Esperanza’s plane was filmed from eight different locations:

  1. Granada Hills, California (McClain in the tunnel and climbing up the ladder)
  2. Los Angeles, California (Close-ups of Esperanza inside the plane’s cockpit)
  3. Mojave Desert, California (Head-on view of plane in the sky on approach)
  4. Alpena, Michigan (Exterior shot of the grating door on the runway)
  5. San Francisco, California (Rear shot of plane on approach with runway lights in the background)
  6. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (Plane after just landed rushing towards the screen)
  7. Lake Tahoe, California (Plane rushing towards McClane in the foreground)
  8. Denver, Colorado (Plane rushing towards McClane as seen from behind the front landing gear)


After completing the script, Jonathan Hensleigh was detained by the FBI because he knew extensive information about the Federal Gold Reserve in downtown Manhattan.
He said he got all his information from an article written in the New York Times.
During the scene where FBI and McClane are on a cell phone with Simon:
After the FBI and McClane hang up with Simon, there is a dial tone. Any kid today, could tell you though, cell phones don’t have a dial tone.
The park on top of the Wall Street station was turned into a park for the film.
It was originally a vacant lot, and was taken down after filming was completed.
In the sandwich board scene:
To make sure, Bruce Willis wasn’t hurt during filming, the sandwich board was left blank and CGI words were added in post production.