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G-Man is the patriarch of the Anderton family and the consummate showman when it comes to promoting his family’s country music band known as Lucy Angel. Nobody believes in Lucy Angel more than G-Man and the band’s success to date is due largely to his tireless salesmanship. A larger-than-life character and serial entrepreneur with his hands in a dozen different business deals at any time, this former barbershop quartet singer runs his family and band in a style akin to PT Barnum. G-Man manages Lucy Angel through his own record label G-Force Music Group, LLC. Raised in a family of devout Idaho Mormons who disapproved of his wayward ways, G-Man has led his own close-knit family through good times and bad. He is a native of Idaho.



As a mother and wife, Kate Anderton is the peacemaker of the family and always trying to make sure that the Anderton ship stays on an even keel. Kate sang her first solo at age four and has never stopped performing since. Kate and her husband G-man met in the premiere vocal performance group, Young Ambassadors, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. They married two years later and their firstborn child Lindsay came along shortly after. The two loves in her life are family and music, so she feels very lucky to be able to combine the two in Lucy Angel. As a part of Lucy Angel, Kate plays the mandolin and with her sultry vocals holds down the low harmony. Kate was born Camp Zama in Sagamihara, Japan.



If there is a headstrong kid in the Anderton family then Lindsay is it. As the lead singer in the group, she can be incredibly opinionated when it comes to Lucy Angel’s musical direction. As a budding country singer who made her stage debut at the age of four, Lindsay’s passion for music was a major influence on the family’s decision to move from their home in Mesa, Arizona to Nashville 10 years ago. Lindsay is not afraid to speak her mind and has a big personality to match both her Dad and her boyfriend, country music artist Anthony Smith, with whom she has a daughter, McCartney. She is a native of Utah.



The youngest Anderton daughter, Emily has been performing most of her life. Emily perfected her skills over the years and plays guitar and sings high harmonies in the Lucy Angel trio. Like her sister Lindsay, Emily can be quick to interject her opinion into arguments. She likes to finish other people’s sentences (especially Lindsay’s), which makes for crazy conversations in the Anderton home. Whether it is because no one is good enough in her Dad’s eyes or because she chooses poorly, Emily’s dating life has not been a huge success. Also, any suitor who does manage to make it past the castle gates has to be willing to put up with the scrutiny of all members of this tight-knit family. She is a native of Utah.



Born with a serious congenital heart defect that has meant major heart surgery every few years, Jake Anderton has an amazing optimism and positive attitude about life. The youngest child in the Anderton family, Jake is a creative soul who oversees all of Lucy Angel’s video and social media projects. He is a talented director who does not mind speaking up when he thinks they are not doing the right thing creatively. Always intrigued by the story behind everything, Jake attended film school in Los Angeles and has previously worked in post-production in television. In addition to his work with his family and Lucy Angel, Jake works on freelance projects for a handful of other musicians in Nashville. He was born in Utah.



The eldest son of the Anderton clan, Fletcher “Fletch” Anderton is an officer and director of an insurance and financial services company in Arizona. He considers himself a bit of the odd man out in the family and thinks his parent and siblings’ lives have become one-dimensional revolving around the band and country music. His real passion is salsa dancing, but he has a difficult time getting the family to take interest in anything he enjoys. On the whole, Fletch is pretty patient with his family’s band, but sometimes his frustration boils over when he feels that the ladies are acting like divas and the identity of the family is being taken over by Lucy Angel. He was born in Virginia.



Anthony “Smitty” Smith is Lindsay Anderton’s boyfriend and father to their baby daughter McCartney. A multi-award winning and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, musician and record producer, Anthony has had over 200 of his songs recorded by some of the biggest names in music today. He is a larger-than-life character who comes from the east hills of Tennessee. Anthony has produced and co-written many of Lucy Angel’s songs, including the “Discovering Lucy Angel” theme song “Serious.” With two strong personalities, Anthony and Lindsay’s relationship can be contentious at times, lending itself to a healthy amount of drama during the series.



McCartney Blaze Smith, or “Baby Mac” is the daughter of Lindsay Anderton and Anthony Smith. McCartney loves to dance and has been known to find her way to the music no matter where it is playing. She is the first grandchild in the Anderton family and will celebrate her second birthday in January of 2015. She is a native of Franklin, Tennessee.

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