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#MB20 Giveaway!

Tweet using #MB20Takeover, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for your chance to win a limited edition Digital Tour Book from Matchbox Twenty. You will also have a chance to win a “Best of North Tour” woven brown leather USB Wristband containing 20 high quality audio files that YOU, the fans, voted on, or even a copy of North, the newest studio album released by Matchbox Twenty.

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More Info on the Prize Offerings

Matchbox Twenty’s North Digital Tour Book

Digital Tour Books are magnificent looking, library bound books that feature a slim, integrated multimedia touch screen. Each Tourbook tells a unique story about today’s most popular bands using illustrated graphics, thick, high resolution photo pages and a patented texture coated finishing process that provides an amazing three dimensional sensation of depth and dimension. Each photo page features live, in-concert images and personal photos of the band with supporting text to get fans warmed up for the main attraction.

Adjacent to the pages, is a 7 inch (measured diagonally) LCD touch panel that offers a menu of exclusive media assets fans will love. This multimedia player includes a complete discography of songs from the current album, all the videos from the present album , an e-reader that includes press clippings and biographical information about the tour and an enhanced collection of photos from the road that fans can scroll through one by one. But the “Killer APP” is the Tour Book’s ability to sync to any web connected wi-fi hot spot to offer more goodies like exclusive concert video footage, face to face chat with the band, musical downloads and more.

Matchbox Twenty will debut the world’s first Digital Tour Book with the release of their new television program MATCHBOX TWENTY LIVE NORTH on AXS TV, Feb 15, 2015. This one-of-a-kind book features a smooth, scuff-free finish with extruded color graphics on the cover and twenty internal pages of dimensional photo spreads. The companion media player has been curated with the best songs, videos, images and stories of this band now celebrating nearly twenty years together.

This Digital Tour Books is a limited edition souvenir that sound as good as the look and feel. Each book includes a set of high-fidelity earbuds, a battery recharge cable and user manual. The Matchbox Twenty Tour Book is available now for preorder through the Matchbox Twenty store web store: shop.matchboxtwenty.com.

Best of North Tour USB Wristband

Matchbox Twenty’s Best of North Tour USB Wristband. This woven brown leather USB wristband contains 20 high quality audio files that YOU, the fans, voted on and hand picked from their North tour.

Tracks include: Bright, Hang, Push, Unwell, Radio-So Sad So Lonely, I Will, 3am, Bent, Real World, How Far We’ve Come, Mad Season, Back 2 Good, Overjoyed, Long Day, If You’re Gone, Disease, Our Song, She’s So Mean, English Town, Parade. Best of North Tour USB Wristband can also be purchased at shop.matchboxtwenty.com.

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